A great outdoors debate has many sides

A big conversation about the outdoors can take many forms, from a casual chat with friends over a post walk pint to a lively discussion amongst outdoor enthusiasts, and there’s plenty to talk about, from the impacts of development on the countryside to getting the nation active.

Hundreds of people have already shared their views about what makes the outdoors great – and what we can do to help keep it that way – since we kick-started our great outdoors debate earlier this month and now it’s your chance to get involved.

You can complete an online survey or chat to our volunteers in car parks and pub gardens, on benches and footpaths, at visitor centres and trail heads. Or why not kick off a discussion of your own?

To get you going, here are some pictures to show what a great outdoors debate looks like:

Walkers talking in a car park

Walkers talking as they head off

Walkers talking in a cafe

Walkers talking on the move

Walkers talking in a pub bar

Walkers talking in a pub garden

Walkers talking at a trail head

Walkers talking on a village bench

Walkers talking in ona  village corner

Walkers talking in a visitor centre

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