Anniversary of Kinder Scout Trespass celebrated in Sheffield

Kinder Scout walkers

The second annual Spirit of Kinder Day took place in Sheffield on Saturday, marking the 82nd anniversary of the mass trespass on Kinder Scout in what is now the Peak District. The trespass took place at a time when much of the countryside was out of bounds to the public and was a pivotal event in the access movement which led to the creation of National Trails and National Parks.

“We must keep alight the flame which was lit by the Kinder trespassers 82 years ago.” said Ramblers President Kate Ashbrook, speaking at the event. “Their actions ensured that today we can walk freely over commons and other open country.” 

“It was a hard-fought battle, but this year we celebrate 10 years of the right to roam in open countryside in England and Wales (another legacy of the trespass) a decade after the first area of open access land was opened in 2004.

“These new rights have brought pleasure to thousands of walkers and helped to support the economy of rural areas.

“But we cannot let matters rest. In the spirit of those pioneering ramblers, we must campaign with renewed vigour to ensure that the coastal path running around England is finished; we must work with hard-pressed highway authorities to get paths reopened and recorded. We have launched a debate in Wales about opening up places people can walk, to make it the best country in the world for walkers.

“We are fortunate to have an energetic band of eager volunteers. With their help we can ensure there is a bright future for walkers.”

The event followed celebrations in 2012 for the 80th anniversary of the trespass – and the first Spirit of Kinder Day held last April in New Mills, Derbyshire.