Wales Steps Up

This spring, Wales is a nation on it’s feet, looking to get healtPedometer Challengehier.  The Big Welsh Walk is around the corner and results from the Wales Pedometer Challenge so far are showing that we’re a country prepared to take a step in the right direction.

The challenge organised by Ramblers Cymru,Lets Walk Cymru & Change 4 Life Wales is now in full swing  with over a thousand people signed up and looking to increase their step count. So far more than 200 million steps have been recorded- that’s equal to over 95,000 miles or 92 laps around Wales.

By signing up and recording their steps on the website, people can challenge  themselves to increase their average amount of steps each week, try to walk a set distance, or for those who like a bit of competition they can  look to increase their standing in the tables.

Leading the way at the top of the step count table is Stephen from Caerphilly. Having notched up over 2 million steps he can now say he has walked his own equivalent lap of Wales!

In the leagues the challenge has created some fierce contests. One such battle is going on at Caerphilly County Borough Council, where 59 teams are looking to get a step ahead of their colleagues.

It’s not just about the leaderboard though, it’s about encouraging people to increase the amount that they walk. Just like ninety-two year old Marjorie, who has maintained her health through walking and has taken on the pedometer challenge to make sure she keeps putting in the miles.

The whole nation will be doing just that next month for the Big Welsh Walk. All across Wales, walks and festivals are being held, and there will be something for everyone; with walks for families, historical walks by Cadw and nature walks held by the Wildlife Trust.

The first event kicks off 3rd May with a family walk starting at Dunraven Heritage Centre, Southerndown, attended by the Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, John Griffiths.

To join us in taking a step to a healthier Wales, find out what events are being held near you using our interactive map.