Lets Walk Cymru Launches New Website

Mark Drakeford and Melanie JonesLast week the Minister for Health and Social Services, Mark Drakeford supported Lets Walk Cymru with the launch of its new website that will make it easier for people in Wales to start walking towards a healthy future.

Mark Drakeford AM attended the launch of Let’s Walk Cymru’s new website, which boasts exciting new features for people looking to take steps into walking.

Only 29% of people in Wales are meeting physical activity guidelines set out to help people stay healthy. Walking is the easiest way for people to achieve this and the Let’s Walk Cymru website provides people with everything they need to get started.

Let’s Walk Cymru’s development officer, Melanie Jones, said: “We were really pleased Mark Drakeford was able to join us to launch our new website.

“The site allows you to enter your postcode and find all the group walks running in your area so you can find a walk to suit you, as well as register for the walks online. Alternatively, if you’re looking to start walking on your own, or with friends and family, there’s plenty of expert advice on how to get started.

“If you’re already a keen walker and would like to help others find their feet, we also have information on how you can get involved as a volunteer.”

At the launch, Caldicot FIT 4 Life led a celebratory walk from Caldicot Leisure Centre to Pill Row & Caldicot Castle.

Mark Drakeford, said: “Walking is a great way to get fit and healthy and it’s suitable for almost anyone to start. Sometimes people need a helping hand to take steps into regular exercise and that’s exactly what Let’s Walk Cymru helps to do. I hope lots of people will make use of the new website and start walking today.”

Let’s Walk Cymru is a Welsh Government funded initiative run by Ramblers Cymru. You can visit the new website now, letswalkcymru.org.uk.