Walking a mile a day could beat cancer

Walk a mile a day

Patients diagnosed with two of the most common cancers (breast and prostate) could reduce their risk of dying by walking just one mile a day, according to new calculations by Walking for Health, run by Macmillan Cancer Support and the Ramblers.

Walking one mile at a moderate pace (3mph), or for just 20 minutes a day, could reduce breast cancer patients risk of dying from the disease by 40% while those with prostate cancer could reduce their risk by almost a third (30%).

Today’s research highlights the positive impact that walking at a moderate pace can have on your cancer prognosis. A mile a day could also reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence by 40%, while bowel cancer patients could slash their risk in half by walking just 50 minutes a day.

Physical activity after cancer treatment can also reduce the impact of some debilitating side effects, such as swelling around the arm, anxiety, depression, fatigue, impaired mobility and weight changes.

Benedict Southworth, chief executive of the Ramblers, says:

“The benefits of walking are numerous. It is increasingly clear that walking even short distances regularly can make the world of difference for those recovering from and managing cancer or other serious health conditions. 

“Walking for Health offers free, short group walks across England, which are the perfect way to build confidence and fitness in a friendly, supportive space. All walks are led by friendly, knowledgeable people, specially trained for the job. Many of our walkers have long term conditions such as cancer themselves and find the companionship and fresh air a wonderful therapy.

“We want to put walking at the centre of efforts to tackle physical inactivity and echo Macmillan’s call for health professionals to prescribe walking to those who are recovering from cancer or other health conditions.”

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