How does your dog behave in the countryside?

Walking with a dog

The Farmer’s Guardian and National Sheep Association are inviting dog owners to complete a short online survey about how your dog behaves when out in the countryside. The survey looks at topics such as letting dogs off leads and how dogs behave near livestock.

To take part in the survey visit You can also read our advice on walking with dogs, which explains what keeping a dog under 'effective' or 'proper' control means, or walking near livestock, which includes dos and don’ts when walking near farm animals and their young.

Walking the dog is one of the most popular ways to get outside on foot and we encourage all our local groups to allow dogs on walks when it’s suitable – read our full guidance to find out more. We also have over 450 dog-friendly walking routes available to download from our online library.

For more information about walking with dogs read the Countryside Code and the Scottish Outdoor and Access Code.

Kevin McNicholas

Hi, refer your statement "450 dog-friendly walking route" are you saying that you have 450 dog routes - or that the walks on the Ramblers "Go Walking" page are also suitable for dogs?

Would appreciate a quick reply - this issue is to be discussed at an up coming AGM.