Flooding: Advice for walkers

Flooded path

Following the recent flooding and severe weather we've put together some advice for walkers to help you stay safe when out walking.

We'd also like to know how you've been affected out walking. You can add a comment below or share your updates and photos with us by tweeting us @RamblersGB or posting on our Facebook page.

  • Check the Environment Agency’s flood warnings summary or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency's flood updates to find out whether there are any flood risks in your area
  • Consider wearing wellies or waterproof gaiters over a pair of walking boots
  • You may also want to take a walking stick or poles to ensure you don’t lose your balance on slippery ground
  • Plan a walk with escape routes so you can easily change your route if you meet an area of flooding
  • Take enough food, drink and warm clothing with you in case you have to prolong your route to avoid a flooded area
  • Let someone know where you’re planning on walking and when you’re likely to be back
  • If you’re worried about joining a Ramblers group walk check with the Walk Leader for updates

Barbara Fisher

1. It is important the poles or stick should be used to test the depth of water and the possibility of uneven ground, potholes, hidden by water.

2. It is also important not to enter even short stretches of fast flowing water it could knock you off your feet. Try to have a rope attached to a tree or solid structure or at least a group of walkers could be attached to a rope to support anyone who stumbles.