Tales from the outdoors

Young adventurer

Lu, aged 9, loved visiting a waterfall in the lakes

Ramblers guest blogger Cumbrian Rambler wants to encourage kids to get outside more and is inviting parents, guardians and teachers to email her ‘postcards’ from young adventurers explaining in their own words what’s so great about the outdoors.

The postcards (100 words and a photo) are designed to capture the sense of fun and freedom children experience in the fresh air from walks in search of wildlife to games in the park, learning to ride a bike to picnics on the beach.

“I wasn’t all that great at listening to what adults told me when I was little so I thought I’d round up some kids who love the great outdoors and maybe they will inspire others to get out there and have some fun!” explains Cumbrian Rambler.

The postcards, which should be emailed to cumbrianrambler@live.co.uk, will be a part of a series of blogs. Read about what’s been getting kids outside recently in Cumbrian Rambler’s latest post or find out more about the background to the project.