Ramblers volunteers contributed £1million to clear the way for walkers

Path Team Volunteers installing kissing gate

New figures have revealed our volunteers contributed the equivalent of almost £1million last year through their time and efforts helping to improve the countryside and paths we walk along.

Our Paths in Crisis report revealed there were more than 100,000 path problems in England that were reported to councils but hadn’t been fixed. Thankfully our 152 path maintenance teams work tirelessly with local authorities across the country to help fix these problems and ensure paths are kept clear for everyone to enjoy.

Last year our volunteers worked to improve 635 paths, clearing vegetation, installing signage, improving surfaces and repairing or installing gates and bridges on these footpaths.

On average our 152 teams had 8 volunteers taking part in an average of 4.5 hours activity on each of the 1,824 days they worked in 2013. The hourly rate of the team members was calculated using Natural England’s Volunteer Investment & Value Audit (VIVA). These calculations revealed that the Ramblers path teams’ economic impact across Great Britain is approximately £919,296.

Thanks to their efforts and by working with many local authorities, our volunteers are making this vast contribution to improving the countryside.

“It’s truly amazing to hear that if local authorities had to pay for all the path maintenance carried out by our volunteers last year, they would have had to shell out almost £1million.” said Ramblers chief executive Benedict Southworth.

“We want to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers who work so hard to keep our footpaths a pleasure to walk, they offer such an invaluable service so we would like to take this opportunity to recognise their efforts.”

However, there’s still plenty more to do and we are still looking for people to join our path maintenance teams. Why not find out how you can get involved?