General Council in pictures

We've put together a photo gallery from General Council, our annual conference, to give you a feel for this year's event. You can also read our overview.

General Council 2014 David Rutley MP

Walking for Health Project Manager Jackie Hayhoe (L) and Ramblers Campaigns Officer Anastasia French (R) discuss walking with David Rutley MP

General Council 2014 chatting

Ramblers Volunteer Support Officer Ed Wilson (L) chats to David Ross from the Surrey Ramblers (R)

General Council 2014 voting

Delegates at General Council vote on motions following formal debates

General Council 2014 watching video

Les Preston from the White Cliffs Ramblers shows Ramblers Communications Manager Maria Castellina a promotional video produced by the group

General Council 2014 June Mabon

Ramblers President Kate Ashbrook (L) and Maria Eagle MP (R) with June Mabon from the Trafford Ramblers path maintenance team, winners of the Protecting Where We Walk Award

General Council 2014 atrium

Relaxing between sessions at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

Keith Wallace

When I clicked on the "Full Report" hyperlink above the top picture on this page it took me to a brief summary. How do I find out what actually happened?

Emma Bovill, Web Editor

Hi Keith, thanks for your feedback. We've amended 'full report' to 'overview' above to make it clearer. For a full report designed for Ramblers members and volunteers please see

John Cooper

Browser can't find /gc2014report. Have tried lots. Am I doing something wrong?

John Cooper

I have tried again and there are 'no results' for

Sarah Gardner, Communications Officer

Hello John, you need to paste in this link: - I've tested it and it does brings up the page on IE, Chrome and Firefox browsers. Perhaps make sure you are including the http:// at the start. Alternatively go to the Latest News page ( and scroll down to the 7 April 2014 to find the right story. Hope that helps!