Loughborough Ramblers walk and talk with Nicky Morgan MP

In the run up to the 2015 General Election we’ve been encouraging our local groups to go for a walk with their MP. The Loughborough Ramblers invited Nicky Morgan MP for a walk to talk about the importance of local paths and green spaces for people’s health and the wellbeing.

After a walk in the sunshine around the Garendon Estate, Leicestershire, the Loughborough Ramblers held a Q&A session with Nicky Morgan, where they stressed the benefits of walking for physical and mental health and the knock on economic benefits in terms of savings for the NHS.

The group also shared their concerns about the threat to country paths posed by major building developments such as those proposed on the Garendon Estate and aired their views on the Government’s slow progress in establishing the England Coast Path.

“We know walking is one of the most accessible, achievable and enjoyable ways to get people in Loughborough more active,” said John Harper, Chair of the Loughborough Ramblers. “There are beautiful places to walk all around us and we were pleased to invite Nicky Morgan MP to join us for a walk to discuss and discover first-hand the benefits of walking.”

“I had a great time walking with Loughborough Ramblers,” said Nicky Morgan. “I’d urge everyone in Loughborough to get out and enjoy walking and our countryside; it’s a fun, free and easy way to exercise.” The Conservative MP promised to raise the issues aired about the Garendon Estate with a local developer.

Nicky Morgan MP with the Loughborough Ramblers

Nicky Morgan MP (centre) out walking with the Loughborough Ramblers

Nicky Morgan MP Q&A

A Q&A session after the walk