Chapel Gate path in the Peak District protected

National Park sign

The Peak District National Park

The Peak District National Park Authority have today implemented a ban on motor vehicles using the historic Chapel Gate path near Edale.

Off-road vehicles using Chapel-Gate have made the path difficult for walkers to use because they’ve left deep ruts in the surface and destroyed the tranquillity of the area.

The closure follows years of campaigning by our volunteers in the Peak District who came together with the British Horse Society, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and local residents to form the Peak District Green Lanes Alliance.

Last year, the Peak District National Park Authority consulted on whether to ban motorised vehicles using Chapel Gate. Over two thousand of our supporters emailed the Peak District National Park Authority supporting bans on both paths. We’re delighted that the National Park have listened and now these paths will be protected for the future.

There are many historic tracks like Chapel Gate in the National Park that have been destroyed in recent years by motorised vehicles using them and we want to ensure these paths are preserved for future generations to enjoy. Thanks to our campaigning, with the Peak District Green Lanes Alliance, the Roych and the Long Causeway paths already have bans on motor vehicles using them.