England Coast Path in sight!

English coast

Today we’re celebrating the government’s announcement that the entire England Coast Path will soon be open for walkers.

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has announced that the 3,000 mile path will be complete and open for all by 2020.

We’ve been the driving force behind the campaign to open up the coast for everyone to enjoy, bringing beaches for kids to play on and cliffs for climbers to clamber up, and we’re thrilled that this dream will soon become a reality.

In 2009, we won the right to walk along the coast and explore our stunning beaches but development on the ground was slow. Through our One Coast for All campaign, we’ve been lobbying the government to open up our coastline and set out a full timetable for completion. And now they have.

So whether you’re waiting to stroll along a short stretch of the seaside near you, or want to walk the entire coastal circumference of the country, soon you’ll be able to.

The boost from government means that our coastal path will get more investment and will be completed sooner. But it’s not just good news for walkers – it’ll also breathe new life into our coastal towns, supporting tourism and local economies.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our One Coast for All campaign. And thank you to the government for bringing the glorious benefits of the humble English seaside to the nation.

You can already walk along the coast in Wales and Scotland. And some parts of the English path are ready to walk now. Why not find a walk or route to enjoy?


Photo credit: Joshua Brown

John Rudder

Do you beleve a word what Mr Clegg says, i would take this with a pinch of salt as he will not be a mp after the next election.


Are the ramblers' aware of the nefarious tactics natural England are using in order to attain most of the coastal paths. Would you be as happy to ramble along some of those paths if you knew that they have exercised their right to short cuts, where normally an ecological impact assessment would be required they can stick two fingers up and just force agencies, wild life trusts and organisations to agree with them publically even when they professionally don't.
Don't take my word for it, ramble by marram hills in sea palling, check out its history and then ask for the report natural England used to decide it was suitable. All along the coast its the same thing, if you looked a little closer to the real cost of creating the coastal access you may not enjoy your ramble along it. Most of the coastal communities who are detrimentally affected by a visit from natural England were already well versed in sharing their amenities, but the price ramblers now expect them to pay may be taking it too far. Marram hills is to be a path because natural England say so, despite the fact that it has been left to nature for the last 60 years.
Bravo ramblers, enjoy trampling all over the homes of other

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