Edinburgh Ramblers launch Autumn family walks

From Saturday 29 August, Edinburgh Ramblers are launching an exciting series of family walks, running every fortnight through to November. Not only is it an ideal opportunity to see the countryside at its most stunning, it’s also a great form of exercise for the whole family.


“We’re very excited about Edinburgh Ramblers’ programme of family walks,” said Jeannie Cranfield of Ramblers Scotland.  “As sedentary behaviour increases, it’s never been so important to get our young people active outside. Many parents are looking for easy and cheap ways to get their children out of the house, so getting the whole family out on a walk and exploring Scotland on foot is the perfect solution.”


With busy wildlife everywhere and stunning displays of red, gold and yellow leaves, nature puts on an incredible display in autumn that shouldn’t be missed. Just by using a bit of imagination, simple walks can be made into exciting expeditions that give children plenty of exercise, fresh air and wonderful experiences to remember.


Lothian and Borders family walkers


Lucy Hunter from Edinburgh Ramblers is one of the family walk leaders and she explained why she felt it was so important to get children outdoors.  “I grew up in a large family and my father regularly took us out for long walks on Sunday afternoons,” said Lucy.  “I remember skirting along a wheat field and noticing the sun turning the spikes golden, feeling the heat on my skin, noting the hedgerows of the fields, some low hills in the distance and feeling being in and part of the landscape. When we got home my dad announced we had walked 10 miles. I was five years old. I felt proud of myself.”


“Children today don’t have the same experience of the countryside as we did”, continued Lucy, “but I see the invention of fun nature apps that can encourage a child into the natural world to find the things they see in their apps. Smart phones enable close up shots of beetles or bugs discovered under a stone or in a wood. There’s lots of different ways we can make being outside fun in a way that’s meaningful to children today.”


For tips on making walking fun for children, visit our Take 30 website for Ramblers Scotland's top tips on making walking fun for children.

Alex Donald

Brilliant! Excellent effort at the 'grass roots' end of Ramblers.