Walkers are one step closer to enjoying new coast path

Coastal path 

Walkers are one step closer to being able to enjoy greater access to the coast of England as Natural England publish their timetable to create a new National Trail - the England Coast Path - by 2020.

The path will allow people to enjoy a continuous walking route along the coast as well as opening up ‘spreading room’ between the path and the sea and inland to the first boundary, providing an opportunity to wander freely. Now that the timetable has been published, the public will know when work to create the England Coast Path will begin and when areas will be opened for them to enjoy, in some cases for the first time.

For years the Ramblers campaigned for the right to be able to breathe in the sea air while freely following the country’s beautiful and dramatic coastline. The right for this path and spreading room to exist was enshrined in law in 2009 and the Government confirmed the funding to create the England Coast Path in December (2014) after the Ramblers award-winning campaign One Coast For All successfully saved the project from being cut.

The Ramblers Senior Policy Officer, Kate Conto, said: “We’re really pleased to see progress is being made across the country and that we’re one step closer to opening up the whole of the county’s coastline for everyone to enjoy.

“New and improved access will bring huge recreational, social and economic benefits to coastal communities, as well as providing walkers with a beautiful coastal route offering uninterrupted sea views along the way.

“The new route will include areas where people can take a break and enjoy the views. Importantly for walkers, if the cliff paths erode, a replacement route will be put in place, maintaining the England Coast Path for future generations to enjoy.”