Conservative win – what does it mean for walkers?

The British people have spoken and handed a mandate to the Conservative party to return to office with a clear – albeit slim - majority. But what does the Conservative party triumph, and the return of Mr Cameron to 10 Downing Street, mean for walkers and our ambition to build a walking Britain?

Speaking after visiting Buckingham Palace David Cameron talked today about laying the foundations for a better future, saying “together, we can make Great Britain greater, still”. How he’ll do this will become clearer on 27 May during the Queen’s Speech when his new Government will reveal the legislation it intends to introduce.

We hope that making the country healthier and happier will lie at the heart of this. And that by governing in our name Ministers will introduce the policies we need to build a walking Britain.

In the run up to the election we outlined what these policies should be in our own election manifesto: promoting active, healthy lifestyles; protecting the places where people walk; and improving access to the outdoors. All of these would enable Mr Cameron to make huge progress towards realising his promise to make Britain greater.

Will he achieve it? The Conservative’s own manifesto gives a clearer indication. Read our summary of their key pledges. 

Over the coming months we’ll be welcoming new Ministers into their posts in Westminster and inviting MPs to walk with their local groups in their constituencies. We look forward to working with them so that together we can build a greater - walking - Britain.

If your local Ramblers group would like to take your new MP out for a walk please contact

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