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Have you been out on a Big Welsh Walk this May? Wondered how our footpaths stay open and useable? Within Ramblers Cymru there are many volunteer footpath maintenance teams who dedicate time to repairing and improving the footpath network. They make walking the paths of Wales a much more pleasant experience


One footpath maintenance team, the Silver Slashers, all members of Ynys Môn Ramblers Group, volunteer most weeks with a commitment to ensure that the footpaths of Anglesey are safe and accessible to walk


Recently the Silver Slashers have completed a Coastal Enhancement Project for Tidy Towns which involved the construction of 137m of raised boardwalk on the Anglesey Coastal Path between Glan Halen and the sea wall. This stretch is very well used year round, particularly by dog walkers, and was very, very muddy and eroded. You can now walk without fear of getting your boots (too) muddy.


“This wonderful walk was made more enjoyable by the improvements ... it has been the most rewarding walk I have undertaken, either in the UK or abroad, and I can’t recommend it enough” Una Hamill, Wirral Ramblers


The funding came from a Tidy Towns 'Coastal Enhancement' project and from the Isle of Anglesey County Council (IoACC) Footpath Section. Dylan Owen, Footpath Officer worked with the group every Friday and the local Tidy Towns Officer, Lois Roberts and her colleague Gareth Owen from Keep Wales Tidy worked alongside the group for some of the 10 sessions it took Ynys Môn Ramblers' 'Silver Slashers' to complete the 137m of raised boardwalk. This project shows how collaboration with other organisations can work to improve the walking environment - for without the volunteer labour the Tidy Towns money would not have gone very far.


Overall during 2014 the group installed 50lm of drains and 64lm of fencing, 10 kissing gates, 5 wicket gates, 2 stiles 1 bridge and 80 steps.