Update from Scottish Council 2016

Cameron McNeish and Andrew Murray at Scottish Council

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to attend the Dick Balharry Memorial Lecture on Friday 11 March and Scottish Council on Saturday 12 March. Over the whole weekend 140 people attended and it was fantastic to see so many people come to support Ramblers Scotland.

Here are just a few of the highlights that we have taken from our Scottish Council weekend: 

  • Jim Lawson led a walk around Dunfermline. Even though the weather was not on their side this did not deter them and they set off with enthusiasm!
  • Cameron McNeish gave a very moving and inspiring tribute to Dick Balharry who sadly lost his battle with cancer last year.
  • Updates at Scottish Council included our Annual Report (Year in Pictures) and Jess Dolan, Director for Scotland, shared our achievements over the past year. Our top achievement was the contribution of Ramblers Scotland members’ time and skills into making Ramblers GB a successful organisation as a whole.
  • There was also a special mention of an exciting new Group Challenge! The Group with the highest percentage increase by Scottish Council 2017 will win £200 to contribute towards a Group activity and 3 days’ worth of dedicated staff time. Each Group should ask new joiners to use the following code when taking up their membership so we can track your progress - S16GYA
  • There were presentations from our four Young Walkers Groups across Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Tayside. Many thanks to Elizabeth Ternent, Andy Malby, Caroline Campbell and Morna McLean for coming along and it was great to hear that all of the Young Walkers Groups are thriving. We hope to see you all again at Scottish Council 2017!
  • The following workshops were held in the afternoon
    • Promoting your walks using GWEM
    • Promoting your group using social media
    • Recruiting and Retaining Members
    • Improving Scottish Council and SCEC

An election was held and the following people have been appointed to official positions:

  • Alison Mitchell             Convener
  • Andy Malby                 Vice-Convener

Congratulations to both Alison and Andy on their new appointments! The following people were also appointed as SCEC members:

  • Alistair Cant (Hon. Treasurer), John Andrews, Elizabeth Lawie, Vic Royce, Siggi Skulason and Catherine Watt. Catriona Webster was co-opted onto SCEC at the post Scottish Council SCEC meeting.

Siggi, Catherine and Catriona join as new SCEC members and we wish them all the best in their new roles.

Please keep an eye on our website for further updates on Scottish Council!