Working together to move the nation

A group of the UK’s leading walking and cycling organisations, including the Ramblers, has today launched ‘Moving the Nation’, a manifesto demanding new measures to prioritise walking and cycling in our towns and cities.

Cyclers, walkers and runners in the park

Photo by: Oliver Hicks-Pattison

As part an alliance of the UK’s leading walking and cycling organisations, we launched the ‘Moving the Nation’ manifesto today at the Cycling Cities conference in Manchester, unveiling a new vision of a future where everybody in the UK can live, work and play in places that are healthy, vibrant and that make walking and cycling the natural choice for short journeys.

We know that moving around by bike and on foot is better for our economy, our health and wellbeing, as well as the environment. Despite this, there has been a continued lack of investment in the infrastructure we need to make it safe and easy to do.

Kate Conto, our senior policy officer, said: “Encouraging walking helps create happier, more cohesive communities and has huge benefits for mental and physical health. The Government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy is a step in the right direction, but we need to do more to make walking it the first choice for any urban journey. Moving the Nation sets how we can start to do just that straight away.”

The Moving the Nation manifesto outlines the five first steps it would like to see the Government take on board to begin the transformation of our roads and streets:

  • Speed - 20 Lower default speed limits to 20mph for most roads in built up areas and 40mph for the most minor rural roads to make our roads and streets safer for everyone. 
  • Space - Adopt and ensure consistent application of existing ‘best-in-class’ infrastructure design standards to create safe, attractive and inviting places for people of all ages and abilities. 
  • Safety - Revise the Highway Code to improve safety for people walking and cycling, particularly at junctions. 
  • Priority - Prohibit pavement parking to create safer and more accessible streets. 
  • Culture - Provide cycle training for all children during their primary and secondary school years and embed a culture of walking and cycling throughout the school curriculum. 

Read the full Moving the Nation vision

Moving the Nation has been launched by a new partnership of the Bicycle Association, Cycling UK, the Ramblers, British Cycling, Living Streets and Sustrans, with a combined membership of more than 330,000 people.


Oh god no this is terrible. These things were implemented where I live and it is terrible. 20mph roads turned everything into gridlock even quiet roads because it's so ridiculously slow. A main road should not be 20mph with speed bumps.

Banning cars on pavements means poorer people in cities have nowhere to park. We don't get to have huge drives and country houses. No road parking means the majority of houses in poorer areas can't park anywhere so they can't have cars. City roads are narrow, there isn't room for cars to just park in the middle of the road.

These ideas sound great when you are rich and old and live in the countryside and don't have to worry about jobs or driving in rush hour but for the average person they just ruin everything. If anything, speed limits should be higher in cities to increase traffic flow.