Community action reinstates path

A long line of people walking through a field

Photo above: Daniel Isko

A path through the estate of a country house near Ross-on-Wye has been successfully reinstated by the local authority, after a row over access led to peaceful protest in mid-July involving around 130 local people - including local Ramblers.

People protesting with placards

Photo above:

The community action was the culmination of a dispute over the blocking of a public footpath through the 93-acre grounds of Cubberley House. In recent months, ramblers and residents had been angered by locked gates and the installation of high fences, misleading warnings and notices attempting to reroute the path 500 yards onto the road. A footbridge crossing a ditch was also removed.

A wooden narrow bridge over a streamOrganiser Dene Godfrey, who set up a Facebook Group dedicated to reclaiming the use of the path, said the turnout showed the 'strength of feeling' over the obstruction. Members of Herefordshire Ramblers, who not only joined the protest, but were also actively walking and monitoring the situation during the dispute, are delighted. Arthur Lee, chair of Herefordshire Ramblers, said: 'We are extremely pleased with the result. It's an excellent example of what can be achieved locally when local people take an interest in their paths. The paths have been walked far more during the Coronavirus and perhaps this has helped bring about this successful conclusion, without the need for legal action.'

Photo right of reinstated footbridge: Dene Godfrey