Ramblers urge Londoners to support reduced traffic in Royal Parks

Park walking

The Royal Parks in London have set out a long term-vision for improving the experience of park users, the vast majority of whom are walkers. They are currently consulting on this vision and have invited comments from the public and interested organisations. As part of their new vision, they are conducting five trial projects that are testing ways to reduce the amount of cut-through traffic in the parks.  

They are seeking the public’s views on these trials.  

Please let them know you support reductions in traffic levels across London’s Royal Parks. 

The trials are underway in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, Bushy Park, St. James’s Park and the Green Park, Greenwich Park, and Richmond Park. At the end of the trial the Royal Parks will assess the impact of these trials and decide whether to make these changes permanent.  

The Ramblers support these moves to reduce motor vehicle traffic in the Royal Parks. High volume car traffic in parks poses a serious risk to walkers ‘safety and negatively impacts the character and enjoyment of the parks through increased air and noise pollution as well as reducing the amount of space available for park users to enjoy on foot.  

Walking has become more important than ever to the nation’s physical and mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic. Green spaces are important to almost everyone. Our recent report, The grass isn’t greener for everyone: why access to green space matters, found the top reason for this was that they are a good place to walk (78%). We also know that people are planning to walk more when COVID-19 restrictions have ended.  

London’s Royal Parks have been used by huge numbers of people throughout 2020 – and it’s vital we make them safe and pleasurable for everybody. As a result, we are urging Londoners to make their voice heard by taking part in the consultation.

The consultation ends on January 10th.  

Mike de Mello

I want to support the reduction of through traffic in parks. I stongley believe there will be benefits to safety and an increase in the use of the parks if these measures go ahead.

Anne Scrope

In my view, through traffic should not be permitted in Richmond or Bushey Park - and possibly others. Cars should be allowed only as far as the nearest carpark.

Sally Sokoloff

I grew up as a Londoner and now as a visitor at leisure am often in the Royal Parks, It is wonderful to walk in parks within the urban environment. The fewer cars in the Royal Parks, the better the experience is for visitors and walkers.


I am against this because it gives cycles precedence over walkers. I have known Richmond park all of my life and I now feel excluded from part of the park. Not everyone lives near enough to the park to walk from their home to the park or can get public transport to the park. The behaviour of dangerous cyclists (of course not all of them) going faster than the speed limit cutting in in front of you not only puts themselves in danger but also drivers. I have also seen cyclists in areas of the park that they should not be in. I think they are giving priority to cyclists to the detriment of walkers. Walkers now don't have access to all the park especially at the weekend because they can't get to certain car parks without going right around the outside of the park to get in a gate, which puts added pressure on traffic in the local area. Not everyone can walk the distances that we do so it excludes a high portion of people that have members of their family who can't walk far but want to go for a stroll. So I am not in favour personally.