Ramblers calls on government to rethink policing bill

Black and white archive photo of a group of people gathered outdoors

The Ramblers has joined 250 signatories in an open letter calling on government to reconsider the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is in parliament this week. You can read the full letter here.

The Bill includes a host of expansive new police powers and contains numerous threats to the right to peaceful protest - and could have a negative impact on our access to the countryside. Despite profound and far-reaching consequences, this large and complex piece of legislation is being rushed through parliament.

The Ramblers is particularly concerned that the Bill threatens:

  • The right to peaceful protest. Our current rights to access the outdoors have been built on the legitimate protest of previous generations. 
  • Access to the countryside. The focus of the Bill’s trespass provisions is on ‘residing in a vehicle on land without permission’. However, the lack of clear definitions in the legislation mean that this could have a wider impact - and serve to increase tensions between landowners and those accessing the outdoors.
  • Progress on other critical legislation. This Bill is being rushed through parliament at a time when critical legislation like the Environment Bill has been repeatedly delayed due to lack of parliamentary time.
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