London Mayor assessed on progress towards making London greener

“A positive start but some significant inconsistencies and concerns”. London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s first 100 days of his second term in office have been assessed by the More Natural Capital coalition of green groups.

The More Natural Capital Coalition, which includes the Ramblers, released a manifesto ahead of the 2021 London Mayoral elections calling for London to become cleaner and greener. 100 days after the election we’ve graded the progress that Sadiq Khan has made towards these goals. 

The review shows that a lot has been achieved, but there are some real concerns. Overall, the Mayor was given 9 green, 20 amber and 6 red ratings on a range of actions.

The full assessment is available to read in the report.

“We’re pleased that in the first 100 days, the Mayor and Transport for London have taken the first steps towards building a world-class green walking network in London. There is still much work to be done, and we look forward to working with the Mayor and TfL to deliver the improvements needed over the coming months.”
Tom Platt, Director of Operations and Advocacy at The Ramblers

Is the Mayor delivering the Ramblers’ call for green walking routes?

The coalition's 2021 manifesto called on the Mayor to back the Ramblers’ plans for six new, high quality green walking routes. The routes would link green spaces, create greener streets, and help bring nature closer to people.

During the election campaign the Mayor agreed that the routes should be created, but he has yet to commit to fully funding the plans. With an amber rating in the review we believe that more can be done to deliver on this promise.

Whilst the Mayor has not yet committed to these plans, the London Assembly unanimously voted in favour of a motion backing our proposals for green routes. We’ll continue to build on this progress to put further pressure on the Mayor and TFL to deliver on these plans.

“The Ramblers applauds the Mayor’s commitment to 6 new routes and the Green Party’s recent motion in support of the London Greenways, while walkers wait in anticipation to be able to explore new routes that link hidden and sometimes unknown green places.”
Des Garrahan, London Ramblers volunteer

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