Final leg of the Offa’s Dyke Path Big Welsh Walk a success in Monmouthshire

Tintern Big Welsh Walk

On Saturday 18th September Ramblers Cymru’s staged their Big Welsh Walk in the stunning Tintern area with a set of two specially designed volunteer led walks.

The walks included a challenging 13 miles and a mid-range 9-mile walk.

Angela Charlton, director of Ramblers Cymru said: “The beaming smiles on the faces of the participants really made it a special and memorable occasion. We lucked out on the weather conditions too!

“I would love to say a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the walks and the volunteers who helped out on the day. The whole festival has been a massive success.

One of the attendees from the weekend said: “It was tough in parts but great fun and we met some fantastic people.”


I live in a rural area surrounded by farmland where too many footpaths have become unpassable following the constant churning of the soil without reinstatement of the paths. Our village has no shops but is only one mile away from a local butcher with a public footpath leading to it that is inaccessible by anyone with a pushchair, large dog, disability or infirmity because of stile construction and or ploughing. During the pandemic this concern has been highlighted even more.

Ken Chisholm

A must for all our well being.

Norman Blaby

Whilst applauding the Government's recognition of the benefits for all of us of connecting with nature it is regrettable that, so far, they have failed to make that a priority and to invest in the infrastructure that enables everyone to enjoy walking in nature. Covid-19 has shown us the importance of getting out into nature for our health and well-being, so I would urge the Government to recognise the need to strengthen the environment to include the above.