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Join the Greater Manchester Ramblers day of action

20 April 2021

Access to nature isn’t equal so GM Ramblers are holding a day of action today to persuade the next mayor of Greater Manchester to create ten new walking routes.

Greenways London Ramblers Map

London Ramblers launch Greenways map in bid for six new green walking routes

09 April 2021

Ahead of May's London Mayoral election, London Ramblers have produced a map showing six new green walking routes they'd like the next Mayor to commit to creating.

Woman walking along canal

Ramblers urge London Mayor candidates to back A More Natural Capital

07 April 2021

London is one the greenest cities, but it could be so much greener. We’ve joined environmental groups to call for the people standing to be the next Mayor of London to make the city a ‘More Natural Capital’.

The Countryside Code

01 April 2021

With more people than ever enjoying walking we have been helping Natural England to refresh the Countryside Code, making it relevant to today’s walkers, and fit for the future.

Portrait of Lord Greaves

In memoriam – Lord Tony Greaves

25 March 2021

We’re saddened to learn that Lord Tony Greaves, Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords and Pendle Borough Councillor, has died aged 78.

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Ramblers calls on government to rethink policing bill

16 March 2021

The Ramblers has joined 250 signatories in an open letter calling on government to reconsider the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is in parliament this week.

A woman crouching down and smiling, in woods

Ramblers stands up for all countryside visitors, following response to Lulworth Estate petition

26 February 2021

The Ramblers has written to the Times to express dismay at a petition from the Lulworth Estate that appears to blame a ‘younger and more geographically and culturally diverse cohort’ for littering their beaches.

Walking in nature

Ramblers express concern over further delays to the Environment Bill

28 January 2021

The Ramblers have expressed concerns over the government’s decision to delay legislation that sets the direction for environmental protection and improvement following the UK’s exit from the EU.

Walking on canal path

Our chance to improve access to nature

25 January 2021

Ahead of the Environment Bill returning to Parliament this week, the Ramblers have joined up with a number of organisations to call on the Government to ensure better access to nature for everyone.

The Future Of Public Access

Plans to change trespass rules could erode access to the countryside

18 January 2021

The Ramblers has written to the UK Government to express grave concerns about proposals to change trespass rules

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