Map of successes

We work locally to unblock, create and save hundreds of paths that people enjoy throughout England and Wales.

Since October 2010 we’ve been recording these successes on the mapping system we use to help maintain rights of way and thanks to this we’ve produced an interactive map where you can find out more about them.

The successes fall into four categories:

  • Ramblers reported problem – where our volunteers alerted a rights of way team of a path problem (e.g. a blocked footpath or a path in need of maintenance) and action was taken to ensure path was open for use
  • Practical work – where our volunteers carried out manual work such as clearing vegetation, replacing stiles, maintaining bridges and installing waymarks
  • New path – where we were involved in adding a path to the rights of way network
  • Path saved – where we prevented measures such as the unsuitable diversion of a path, a path being closed or building work on a path

You can search for successes in your local area using the map. Simply zoom in and click on the points to see details of the success on the map below.


Did you know we have over 140 active volunteer path maintenance teams across England, Scotland and Wales keeping paths clear and accessible?

Working together for success

Our volunteers work tirelessly in partnership with local authorities to protect, expand, maintain and improve the path network for the benefit of all walkers.

If you're a Ramblers member or volunteer and have achieved a path success, make sure you tell us about it so we can celebrate even more successes.

Problem out walking?

If you encounter a path or access problem when out walking don't forget to tell us about it using our online form.