Sharing the story of the Kinder Trespass decades on

Looking towards Kinder Scout

Walkers approaching Kinder Scout

Following celebrations in 2012 to mark the 80th anniversary of the mass trespass on Kinder Scout and a Spirit of Kinder Day in April, the story of this pivotal moment in the history of the access movement is continuing through a campaign to create a Kinder Trespass Visitor Centre.

The Friends of Kinder Trespass campaign hopes to establish a centre dedicated to the event and the things it helped to achieve – such as the founding of National Parks and National Trails – at Hayfield in Derbyshire, one of the two villages where the ramblers who took part in the trespass gathered before setting out onto the moorland plateau.

The campaign aims to raise funds to support a permanent visitor centre which would tell not only the story of the trespass but also provide information for visitors to the area, which is considered to be the gateway to Kinder Scout from Manchester and the West.

We’re keen to see the story of the Kinder Trespass – which we have to thank for our right to walk in mapped areas of open countryside across England and Wales – live on and have become a Friend of Kinder Trespass. To find out how you can support the campaign visit