Updated Walk Leader checklists and ICE cards


Thank you to our Ramblers volunteers who lead over 50,000 group walks each year – each one unique. To help you run safe and enjoyable walks, we’ve added a couple of resources to the Walk Leader toolkit.

Walk Leader checklists

We’ve republished our Walk Leader checklist, a handy list of top tips to follow before, during and after your walks.

Please note that we’ve made a couple of small changes:

  • Updated the information about safeguarding to reflect our revised safeguarding policy (under-18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult).
  • Removed the detailed first aid advice as we feel this would be better provided in a separate, dedicated resource. However, you can still find first aid guidance provided by the British Red Cross here.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) cards

These hard-wearing, waterproof cards can be filled in with personal emergency contact details and medical information. 

Walk leaders should encourage everyone who joins a Ramblers activity to fill in a card, and to keep it in an accessible place (such as the top pocket of a rucksack).  Should anything happen, the walk leader or emergency services can then use the ICE card to quickly establish any medical conditions and emergency contacts.

Both resources are available now as digital copies in the Walk Leader toolkit. If you would like to request durable, waterproof and pocket-sized ones, get in touch by phone on 020 7339 8500, or via email at: volunteersupport@ramblers.zendesk.com