Ramblers support new documentary film Evelyn

Four people walking along a ridge at dusk, the title Evelyn written across the sky

Evelyn, the latest film from Academy-Award winning Director Orlando von Einsiedel, will premiere at the BFI London Film Festival on 11 October.

The Ramblers are supporting the release of the film, in which von Einsiedel turns the camera on himself to document a series of walks he and his family embarked upon in remembrance of their brother and son, Evelyn, who took his own life over a decade ago.

The result is a deeply personal and private story of the filmmaker and his family, set against the stunning backdrop of the UK countryside.

Vanessa Griffiths, Ramblers Chief Executive, said:

"We see time and again through our work just how powerful walking can be as a means of bringing people closer together, and how spending time in the outdoors and in contact with the natural environment can have a positive impact on our mental health. We are delighted to support this film and invite anyone who wishes to try it out for themselves, to join one of the hundreds of local walks organised by Ramblers volunteers each week.”

Evelyn marks a departure from von Einsiedel’s previous films in conflict zones, which include Oscar-winning Netflix short documentary The White Helmets and BAFTA and Oscar-nominated feature documentary Virunga.

He said:

"When my brother died, I buried the bad memories that surrounded his illness and death, but in doing so, I also began to forget the good memories of times I shared with Evelyn. None of us — my youngest brother, Robin, my sister Gwennie, or me — could bring ourselves to talk about what happened. It took thirteen years for me to be able to say my brother’s name again. The process of making the film — of walking, and talking about Evelyn and what happened — was hugely cathartic and has helped set us on the path to healing."

Simon Gunning, CEO of the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), the award-winning suicide prevention charity that are also partnering with the film, said:

"Suicide affects thousands of lives in the UK every year, and remains the single biggest killer of men under 45. Awareness and the prominence of this issue is growing and we believe that’s partly down to projects like Evelyn that force us to confront a subject which we, as a society, shy away from. We're proud to be working alongside the Evelyn team and we believe the film will help people tragically bereaved by suicide."

A series of special Q&A screenings are scheduled at cinemas across the country throughout October and November, with each showing being followed by a short walk around the local area. Find out more about the film Evelyn.

You can watch the trailer for Evelyn below, or on Vimeo