Ramblers a step ahead of the fashion pack for London Fashion Week Festival

Four people walking in a line, across grass, wearing hiking clothing

As the capital prepares for the start of the London Fashion Week Festival, the latest designer inspiration has come from a surprising source.

The Ramblers have often been dismissed for their lack of fashion sense, but this season designers seem to have been influenced by the practical style of the seasoned walkers, with fashion houses from Gucci to Jimmy Choo featuring Ramblers’ favourites like hiking boots and anoraks in their collections.

In celebration of their style finally getting the recognition it deserves, the walking charity is showing the fashion pack how outdoor chic is really done with their own gallery of real life Ramblers modelling the latest trends.

Elle Bullimore, Ramblers Head of Engagement, said: “We knew it was just a matter of time before everyone else caught on to our look. Ramblers have been looking stylish up mountains and out on the moors for years – the fashion world can just be a little slow to catch on. We did beards first, and then everyone had one. Now it’s hiking boots. It’s comfortable and practical and what’s more, it’s a look that can be adapted for all sorts of occasions - for something a bit more glamourous, you can even ‘bling’ your boots.”

Melanie Harries, Buying Director at Cotswold Outdoor, said: “It’s so refreshing to see that the great outdoors look is really on trend now and being recognised by the fashion industry. We work incredibly hard with our brands to ensure we offer our partners the most stylish and technically advanced products, to enable them to get maximum pleasure for being outdoors. It’s great to see the Ramblers clearly leading the way in the walking fashion stakes, and blazing a trail for walkers to follow.”

Cover of the booklet 'Ramblers companion song book'

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Photo captions are taken from The Majestic Ramblers’ & Song Book (1941).

A man and woman, outdoors, wearing hiking clothes and backpacks, looking at a map

For mountain rambles, an inexpensive, light-weight rucksack provides the easiest of means of carrying waterproof and other essentials, and leaves the hands free.

Two women sitting under a tree on grass, reading booklets, surrounded by walking equipment

For non-climbing excursions, strong shoes will suffice, but they should be watertight and with low, broad heels.

Two men, sitting on the grass, back to back, looking towards us

For mountain tramps wear woollen stockings, even in warm weather, with an extra pair of woollen ankle socks over them.

A man and woman standing outdoors on grass together, looking intently towards us

A reliable light weight mackintosh is a necessity for any walking holiday. A really short mackintosh, similar to a fisherman’s oilskin, is best for climbing.

A group of five men and women sitting and standing around a wooden bench, wearing hiking clothing and surrounded by equipment

A woolly scarf is a useful extra, and on occasion a sou’-wester or close fitting that is invaluable.