Ramblers partners with Jo Cox Foundation on Great Get Together

Jo Cox Foundation - Great Get Together

The Ramblers is teaming up with dozens of other organisations around the UK in support of The Great Get Together over the June 21 - 23 weekend.


The annual campaign is run by the Jo Cox Foundation in memory of the late MP’s belief that ‘we all have more in common than that which divides us’.


It seeks to bridge division and remind communities of how much they have in common by staging a series of picnics, events and meetups.


To support the campaign, a number of Ramblers groups will be arranging special walks and inviting people to join in and find out more about the benefits of walking as part of a group.


Since its launch in 2017, with over a hundred thousand get togethers and almost a million people taking part, it has become a powerful symbol of national unity and community. The Great Get Together is now one of the UK’s biggest and most successful charitable projects, honouring Jo Cox by showcasing the values she championed.


Vanessa Griffiths, Ramblers chief executive, said: “I’m delighted that Ramblers is partnering with the Jo Cox Foundation and will be taking part in The Great Get Together this year. The message of tolerance, community and inclusion is one that we very much support. The Ramblers is getting involved because we know our groups across the country connect so many people to each other in communities across Britain, helping to combat loneliness and isolation. Many members have developed lifelong friendships, and some have even met their partners whilst walking. We’d love to encourage more people to experience the welcoming and supportive environment of our group walks.

The theme of this year’s Great Get Together is ‘Let’s Get Back Together’. It’s a chance for people across the country to reconnect with old friends, families, communities and groups, and comes at a time when it’s needed most of all. Studies have repeatedly shown that Britain is more divided today than at any time since Jo’s death.


Catherine Anderson, the CEO of the Jo Cox Foundation said, “We are absolutely thrilled to have Ramblers as a partner. Their support is vital in helping us stage The Great Get Together which, at a time of such polarisation across the country, is such an important and powerful reminder of all that we value and share. We all need The Great Get Together now more than ever before and, with the support of Ramblers, I am confident that this year’s will be our most successful yet.”

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