What we achieved in 2016

2016 was a big year for Britain and the world – and a big year for the Ramblers! Here are 12 highlights and achievements from last year.

These highlights were originally used as part of our twelve days of Christmas news feature.

25,000 amazing volunteers!

Without our 25,000 passionate and dedicated volunteers, we simply would not exist.

Over 100,000 health walks

Walking is good for your mind, your body and your soul, and any increase in physical activity, no matter how small, can really boost your health and happiness.

8,060 days of path maintenance

Our incredible 155 volunteer path maintenance teams are out every week clearing paths and improving path structures.

Walk About Britain

In September we got the nation on its feet with Walk About - our biggest ever walking festival.

213 miles of coast path

We are delighted to say we have so far been successful in protecting the path, and construction has continued throughout 2016.

20,750 miles of Welsh footpaths safeguarded

Ahead of the National Assembly for Wales elections in May 2016, Ramblers Cymru published a manifesto all about making Wales the best country in the world for walkers.

A new report on the state of our paths

With the help of thousands of walkers like you, we completed the nation’s biggest ever footpath survey!

Vanessa Griffiths

In November we welcomed Vanessa Griffiths as our new Chief Executive.

Pathwatch in Scotland

In October our free Pathwatch app launched in Scotland for the first time.

2,785 walking routes

Ramblers Routes is an online library of over 2,750 inspiring routes for walkers to follow.

Thousands of group walks

During 2016, our volunteers delivered 52,422 led walks – that’s 143 walks for every day of the year!

A new look walk mag

During 2016 the Walk team used reader feedback to help shape a new-look magazine.