25,000 amazing volunteers!

… 25,000 amazing volunteers!


Over the last 12 days, we’ve highlighted some of the fantastic work and achievements that the Ramblers, as Britain’s walking charity, has done throughout 2016 to protect and promote the places we all love to walk and help everyone, everywhere to enjoy the benefits of walking. Everything that we have done has been supported by and made possible by our volunteers.

In fact, without our 25,000 passionate and dedicated volunteers, we simply would not exist.

Ramblers volunteers do everything from leading walks and clearing footpaths, to organising local campaigns and helping protect and promote local paths – as a volunteer led organisation, they even help to run the Ramblers!

Which is why it feels only fitting that we finish our round-up of 2016 with a great big THANK YOU! to all the amazing volunteers who have made the last year possible.

And of course all this means that, whatever your interests, we have volunteering opportunities to suit you. Check out this short video from Chrissy O’Brien, as she talks about why she decided to volunteer for the Ramblers.

If you’re looking for a new challenge in 2017, why not look at volunteering opportunities with the Ramblers?

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Already a Ramblers volunteer?

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Learn more about our organisation and vision, what we do as a charity and the impact that we make, as well as having the chance to develop your skills and knowledge as a walker or as a volunteer.

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