8,060 days of path maintenance

… 8060* days of path maintenance

Ramblers volunteer path maintenance are at the forefront of keeping Britain’s paths open and accessible for everyone to use.

Our incredible 155 volunteer path maintenance teams are out every week clearing paths and improving path structures. They do everything from cutting back overgrowth, to fixing broken gates and stiles, and installing way markers.

"If we don’t protect our right to roam and the network of paths open to us, we’ll lose them." - Rachel Orange, Durham Ramblers volunteer.

Walking is good for our bodies, our environment and our economy. It’s a cheap form of transport and exercise, and a well maintained path network could provide the solution to some of the country’s biggest challenges.

Our recent Big Pathwatch survey – the nation’s biggest ever survey of the path network – found that a significant number of paths are in serious need of improvement, with many of completely blocked or very difficult to use.

Although local councils are responsible for maintaining our paths, rights of way are competing against other services for a share of increasingly squeezed budgets. There’s been a 20 percent cut in the workforce looking after our paths over the last five years, so it’s more important than ever that the Ramblers, as guardians of the footpath network, are here to help.

Our volunteers do amazing work all across the country each week. If you want to get fit, meet new people and protect the places you love to walk in 2017, why not think about joining a team near you.

*this figure is a rough estimation, based on each of our 155 volunteer path maintenance teams going out one a week. We know many groups do much more than this!