A new look walk mag

A new look Walk magazine

New look 2016 Walk mag

Walk magazine is Britain’s biggest walking magazine for active walkers and outdoor enthusiasts, and the official membership magazine of the Ramblers.

Four times a year, Walk delivers news, information and inspiration to walkers all over Britain. It’s a great way to find out what’s happening at the Ramblers, and also provides lots of opportunities to get involved with our charitable work.

During 2016 the Walk team have used reader feedback to help shape a new-look magazine. It now contains more practical skills, more ways to get involved via our new reader panel, and more opportunities for you to share your experiences and expertise. It still includes a great selection of walking routes, with refreshed route cards that are easier than ever to follow.

In addition, the Walk web pages offer great online exclusives, including videos and blogs from the experts – not to mention digital versions of previous issues. 

Join the Ramblers and get Walk magazine delivered straight to your door four times a year!

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