A new report on the state of our paths

… A new report on the state of our paths

Early this year, with the help of thousands of walkers like you, we completed the nation’s biggest ever footpath survey!

More than 3,000 citizen surveyors walked every path in almost half the total area of England and Wales recording more than 100,000 features including attractive views and interesting flora and fauna, as well as problems like locked gates, barbed wire across paths and missing or misleading signs.

In November, we launched the Big Pathwatch report, revealing that although more than half (56%) of paths are well-kept and signposted, more than a third (35%) are in need of improvement and nearly a tenth (9%) are difficult or impossible to use. 

Alongside the report, we launched our ambitious Pathwatch campaign to ensure all rights of way in England and Wales are well maintained.

November was identified by the report as the worst month for paths, and so we set out to solve the problems found, starting with an ambitious week-long path maintenance project to fix problems along the popular 177-mile national trail, Offa’s Dyke, in a week (14 to 20 November).

Our incredible path maintenance volunteers got their hands dirty tackling issues including clearing bracken, brambles and undergrowth from the path, improving drainage to ensure the path surface remains firm underfoot and installing boardwalks where the path surface was difficult to navigate.

2017 is set to be another big year for paths, as our campaign steps up the pressure to ensure paths are protected.

Find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved.