Pathwatch in Scotland

… Pathwatch in Scotland

Pathwatch in Scotland

In October our free Pathwatch app launched in Scotland for the first time.

Scotland’s stunning landscape offers some of the world’s best walking – but we don’t fully know what the experience of walkers is on the ground. Scottish National Heritage (SNH) reports that 24% of people encounter a problem when enjoying the Scottish outdoors. That includes everything from scary dogs and muddy trails, to blocked paths and broken stiles. All of these things make it less likely that people will want to go walking – meaning they’ll miss out on the many benefits that walking brings.

There’s never been a single, simple way for people to share their experiences while out and about in Scotland. Until now. Our free to download Pathwatch app lets walkers record what they find on the move. In a six-month trial running until Easter 2017, we’ll be using the app to build the first national picture of walking in Scotland – the challenges that walkers face, and the things they value the most.

Download the app for free to share positive experiences and report any problems you encounter while out and about in Scotland.

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