The holiday from fell #WhereIsSimon? 

Mission accomplished! He did it!

On the evening of Friday 2nd June, Simon arrived back in Keswick after walking all 214 Wainwrights in one very long walk lasting a fortnight. We stuck a GPS tracker on him during the challenge so you can see how he did it:

Map not working? Head here for the full online map:

He walked a staggering 326 miles, with over 35,000 metres of ascent across challenging and rocky terrain.Whilst many spend a lifetime ‘peak bagging’ the Wainwrights, Simon’s round of the fells in one go was like completing over 12 marathons in a fortnight, and he climbed nearly four times the height of Everest!

You can download a .gpx file of Simon's route here.

But why did he do it?

For the love of the outdoors! Simon said:

'I care passionately about walkers’ rights and believe strongly in the joys and benefits of walking to all - whether you're taking a short stroll or climbing mountains. This challenge is my holiday, but along the way I want raise awareness to the issues facing walkers and hopefully I can inspire a few people to take on their own personal Everest.'

Simon is fundraising through JustGiving.

His kit has been kindly provided by our partner, Cotswold OutdoorCotswold Outdoor has dedicated the last 40 years to sourcing cutting-edge technology, providing expert service and bringing you an unrivalled range of top quality brands, helping you to get the most out of your time outdoors (

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Simon is fundraising for the Ramblers. None of our work would be possible without the generosity of people like you, who are passionate about walking and care about the future of Britain’s walking spaces. 

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The holiday from fell #WhereIsSimon?