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Cover of Walking Class Heroes

Walking class heroes – pioneers of the right to roam

24 November 2020

Author: Roly Smith
Publisher: Signal Books
Price: £9.99

This is a good addition to the canon of works about the access movement. It has a refreshing new approach which, after a scholarly introductory essay about...

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Cover of the book: Secret Britain

Secret Britain: Unearthing Our Mysterious Past

30 September 2020

Author: Mary-Ann Ochota
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Price: £20

For anyone looking for a ‘way in’ to the landscapes of the British Isles – in all their glory and diversity – this...

Book cover of The Compleat Trespasser

The Compleat Trespasser, Journeys into Forbidden Britain

25 September 2020

Author: John Bainbridge
Publisher: Fellside Books
Price: £6.99

There is a certain charm about trespassing (harmlessly of course) and John Bainbridge tells us how he does it, in this enjoyable little book which is...

Ninebarrow’s Dorset – Musical walks in a magical landscape

15 June 2020

Author: James LaBouchardiere & Jon Whitley
Publisher: Yonder Stile Ltd
Price: £15

I first became aware of multi-award-winning folk duo Ninebarrow when they appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Ramblings with Clare Balding in October 2019....

Birds in the Ancient World: Winged Words

15 June 2020

Author: Jeremy Mynott
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Price: £16.99

For all their Parthenons and Colosseums, imperial ambitions and endless warfare, ancient Greek and Roman societies were deeply connected to nature. These...

Day walks on the South Downs

15 June 2020

Author: Deirdre Huston
Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing
Price: £14.95

This is the second edition of the book (first published in 2011) and is written by an experienced walker and cyclist who also has a keen interest in local...

Cover of the book Walk York

Walk York

25 February 2020

Author: Phoebe Taplin
Publisher: Pitkin March
Price: £6

Review of “Walk York” by Phoebe Taplin (pub Pitkin March 2019) by Elaine Webb, Ramblers Local Advocacy Manager. This attractive guide packs a lot...

Cover of the book Family foraging

Family Foraging

25 February 2020

Author: David Hamilton
Publisher: White Lion Publishing
Price: £16.99

This is a super introduction to Foraging. It starts with a basic introduction which assumes no knowledge - explains how to get started, what you need and...

Cover of Viking Isles

The Viking Isles: Travels in Orkney and Shetland

09 October 2019

Author: Paul Murton
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Price: £17.99

This is a lovely book to dip in and out of – part travelogue, part history book, part ethnographic chronicle of islands that many of us may know only...