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Theres Always the Hills

There's Always the Hills

09 March 2018

Author: Cameron McNeish
Publisher: Sandstone Press
Price: £19.99

Having known Cameron McNeish for many years as Ramblers Scotland’s vice-president and also from TV as perhaps the most well-kent outdoors face in...

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South Downs Way

31 May 2018

Author: Jim Manthorpe & Daniel McCrohan
Publisher: Trailblazer Guides
Price: £11.99

A little gem of a book, the South Downs Way by Jim Manthorpe and Daniel McCrohan is a pocket-sized guide that includes detailed itineraries of the 100-mile...

Jane Austens England Walking Guide

Jane Austen's England: A Walking Guide

01 March 2018

Author: Anne-Marie Edwards
Publisher: I.B. Tauris
Price: £8.99

Jane Austen’s England is a walking guide for the Austen enthusiast. Through 15 walking tours, it immerses you in the world of Austen, through the...

Woodland Craft book cover image

Woodland Craft

01 March 2018

Author: Ben Law
Publisher: GMC Publications
Price: £25

Working with wood is one of the oldest outdoor skills, and it is a pastime that, even if not practised by all lovers of the outdoors, is almost universally...

The Hebrides by Paul Murton

The Hebrides

05 January 2018

Author: Paul Murton
Publisher: Birlinn
Price: £14.99

If you’ve enjoyed watching Paul Murton’s Grand Tours of Scotland BBC television series, you’ll also enjoy reading this handsome book....

Borders Abbeys Way

Borders Abbeys Way

21 November 2017

Author: Neil Mackay
Publisher: Rucksack Readers
Price: £12.99

Campaigners in the Scottish Borders are currently making the case for the area to become Scotland’s third national park, highlighting the mix of...

Fingers in the Sparkle Jar

Fingers in the Sparkle Jar

21 November 2017

Author: Chirs Packham
Publisher: Ebury Press
Price: £8.99

Chris Packham has been an amiable TV presenter and passionate conservation campaigner for more than three decades, and it’s easy to fall into the trap...

From Source to Sea book

From Source to Sea

21 November 2017

Author: Tom Chesshyre
Publisher: Summersdale
Price: £16.99

Tom Chesshyre's account of his epic walk from Thames Head in Gloucestershire to the mouth of the Thames strongly reflects a particular time and national...

One man and a mule

One Man and a Mule

21 November 2017

Author: Hugh Thomson
Publisher: Preface Publishing
Price: £20

One Man and a Mule: Across England with a Pack Mule begins with a warning that the book is “more interested in people than landscape, and in farmers...