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Cover of Wild Winter

Wild Winter

21 May 2021

Author: John D Burns
Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing
Price: £9.99

Many years ago I met a campaigner for public access rights from the United States. After meeting various outdoors folk he set off to walk the Cape Wrath...

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Cover of Where the wild things grow

Where the Wild Things Grow

21 May 2021

Author: David Hamilton
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Price: £20

We’re in the middle of an environmental crisis and record numbers of people have been forced to turn to foodbanks to feed themselves, yet according to...

Cover of Wild Swimming Walks Cornwall

Wild Swimming Walks Cornwall

21 May 2021

Author: Matt Newbury & Sophie Pierce
Publisher: Wild Things Publishing
Price: £14.99

For anyone wanting to integrate wild swimming into their walks, this book is a lovely immersive starting point. It covers a broad range of places across...

Cover of 100 great walks with kids

100 Great Walks with Kids

04 March 2021

Author: Jen and Sim Benson
Publisher: Conway
Price: £16.99

Jen and Sim are terrifically well equipped with the knowledge and experience to pick out the best and most suitable walks for children. As keen runners and...

Cover of Day walks in Fort William and Glen Coe

Day Walks in Fort William and Glen Coe

22 February 2021

Author: Helen & Paul Webster
Publisher: Vertebrate
Price: £14.95

Read during a dreich winter lockdown in Edinburgh, this book had me pining desperately for the west coast and the hills. And where better to go walking in...

Cover of the book New Forest 222

New Forest 222

19 February 2021

Author: Jodi Longyear
Publisher: Hammond’s Green Publishing
Price: £9.95

As a frequent visitor to the New Forest, I was keen to read whether Jodi Longyear’s guidebook, New Forest 222, would provide some new walk route...

Cover of Walking Class Heroes

Walking class heroes – pioneers of the right to roam

24 November 2020

Author: Roly Smith
Publisher: Signal Books
Price: £9.99

This is a good addition to the canon of works about the access movement. It has a refreshing new approach which, after a scholarly introductory essay about...

Cover of the book: Secret Britain

Secret Britain: Unearthing Our Mysterious Past

30 September 2020

Author: Mary-Ann Ochota
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Price: £20

For anyone looking for a ‘way in’ to the landscapes of the British Isles – in all their glory and diversity – this...

Book cover of The Compleat Trespasser

The Compleat Trespasser, Journeys into Forbidden Britain

25 September 2020

Author: John Bainbridge
Publisher: Fellside Books
Price: £6.99

There is a certain charm about trespassing (harmlessly of course) and John Bainbridge tells us how he does it, in this enjoyable little book which is...