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Theres Always the Hills

There's Always the Hills

09 March 2018

Author: Cameron McNeish
Publisher: Sandstone Press
Price: £19.99

Having known Cameron McNeish for many years as Ramblers Scotland’s vice-president and also from TV as perhaps the most well-kent outdoors face in...

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Field Notes from the Edge

Field Notes From The Edge

26 August 2015

Author: Paul Evans
Publisher: Rider Books
Price: £14.99

The half-hidden fascinates Paul Evans. As a writer, broadcaster and gardener, Evans believes that ‘life leaks from the cracks’, and this interest...

Wild Coast

Wild Coast

26 August 2015

Author: Marianne Taylor
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Price: £20

Nowhere in Britain is more than 113 kilometres from the coast, resulting in a strong connection. According to Wild Coast, research indicates that most...

At Night

At Night: A Journey Round Britain from Dusk to Dawn

26 August 2015

Author: Dixe Wills
Publisher: AA Publishing
Price: £16.99

At Night is a charismatic evocation of what it is to be awake while the rest of the world sleeps. Wills strides out across moorland, island, forest and...

Lake District Climbs and Scrambles

Lake District Climbs and Scrambles

26 August 2015

Author: Stephen Goodwin
Publisher: Vertebrate

The Lake District is the nation’s favourite honey pot for walkers, from weekend warriors to Wainwright-baggers. But Stephen Goodwin shows that it also...

SMC Grahams and the Donalds

The Grahams and The Donalds: Hillwalkers' Guide

26 August 2015

Publisher: Scottish Mountaineering Club

The Grahams and the Donalds do not get quite the same attention as their bigger brothers, the Munros and Corbetts, but they nevertheless offer a real...

The Countryside Book

The Countryside Book

26 August 2015

Author: Tessa Wardley
Publisher: Bloomsbury

This comprehensive book celebrates nature’s playground and offers a host of ideas for mums, dads and grandparents keen to instil a love of the outdoors...

High Point

High Point: A guide to walking the summits of Great Britain's 85 historic counties

26 August 2015

Author: Mark Clarke
Publisher: Vertebrate
Price: £14.95

A detailed account of the author’s personal quest to stand atop the highest points of each of Britain’s 85 historic counties, High Point is an...

Between the sunset and the sea

Between the Sunset and the Sea: A View of 16 British Mountains

26 May 2015

Author: Simon Ingram
Publisher: William Collins Books
Price: £18.99

Why is it that just a few centuries ago mountains struck fear and horror into people, but now they're more likely to inspire, thrill and even obsess us?...