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Theres Always the Hills

There's Always the Hills

09 March 2018

Author: Cameron McNeish
Publisher: Sandstone Press
Price: £19.99

Having known Cameron McNeish for many years as Ramblers Scotland’s vice-president and also from TV as perhaps the most well-kent outdoors face in...

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Highest Mountains

Britain's Highest Mountain Walks

07 December 2013

Author: Jeremy Ashcroft
Publisher: Collins
Price: £20

Jeremy Ashcroft’s illustrated, hand-drawn 3D maps have always been a highlight of Trail magazine. His intricate pencil sketches and clear...

Hillwalks from the Settle to Carlisle Railway Stations

Hillwalks from the Settle to Carlisle Railway Stations

02 December 2013

Author: Hugh Stewart
Publisher: 2QT Limited
Price: £12.95

Following on from his 2010 title, Settle to Carlisle, a Hillwalk, Hugh Stewart has produced a series of 24 day walks leaving stations along the iconic...

Cotswold Way

The Cotswold Way: An Archaeological Walking Guide

02 December 2013

Author: Tim Copeland
Publisher: The History Press
Price: £14.99

Not so much a route guidebook, rather an archaeological companion to the 100-mile trail between Bath and Chipping Campden. It’s full of fascinating and...

Birdwatchers Year

The Birdwatcher's Year

02 December 2013

Author: Richard Williamson
Publisher: Summersdale Publishers
Price: £9.99

A practical handbook to help you through the birdwatching calendar, including interesting facts on all manner of birds and birdlife. Set out month by month,...

Sussex Walks

Sussex Walks

02 December 2013

Author: Deidre Huston
Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing
Price: £12

This colourful and packed little volume is a highly attractive guide to 20 walks on the Weald and South Downs. All circular and between 3.5 and 12 miles...

A Dales High Way

A Dales High Way

02 December 2013

Author: Tony and Chris Grogan
Publisher: Skyware
Price: £7.99

The new edition of this challenging, high level 90-mile walking trail across the Yorkshire Dales has been timed to coincide with the completion of the...

Cornish Mining WHS

A Walking Guide to the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site

02 December 2013

Author: Robert Westwood
Publisher: Coastal Publishing
Price: £4.95

Glossy and full of striking colour photos, this reasonably priced guide to the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site features ten short circular and linear...

Walkers Anthology

The Walker’s Anthology

27 November 2013

Author: Compiled by Deborah Manley
Publisher: Trailblazer Publications
Price: £9.99

Trailblazer has taken time out from its footpath guidebooks to publish this compact but entertaining compilation of short written pieces on the art of...