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Theres Always the Hills

There's Always the Hills

09 March 2018

Author: Cameron McNeish
Publisher: Sandstone Press
Price: £19.99

Having known Cameron McNeish for many years as Ramblers Scotland’s vice-president and also from TV as perhaps the most well-kent outdoors face in...

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The Art of Wandering

The Art of Wandering

03 March 2013

Author: Merlin Coverley
Publisher: Oldcastle Books
Price: £12.99

From pilgrim to pedestrian, Romantic poet to modern radical, this fascinating and thoughtful book delves into the literary tradition inspired by the simple...

Phil Clayton Headwaters

Headwaters: Walking to British River Sources

03 March 2013

Author: Phil Clayton
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Price: £18.99

Underneath all the trappings of urban development, with its interlinking framework of roads and rail, it’s easy to forget that Britain has a far more...

Pennine Way Companion

Pennine Way Companion

03 March 2013

Author: Alfred Wainwright
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Price: £13.99

Wainwright’s original guide to England’s oldest long-distance path was first published in 1968, since when a lot has changed – most notably...

Rights of Way Restoring the Record

Rights of Way: Restoring the Record

03 March 2013

Author: Sarah Bucks and Phil Wadey
Publisher: Bucks and Wadey Publishing
Price: £30

In 2000, Parliament decided that old rights of way that had not been legally recorded by 2026 would be extinguished, pressurising the rights of way community...