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From buying quality outdoor clothing to recycling old kit, experts from Cotswold Outdoor explain how to shop smart to reduce your environmental impact



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We all have a responsibility to do our bit to protect the outdoors, but knowing where to start can be daunting. That’s why we’ve caught up with our friends at Cotswold Outdoor to get some advice from three of their in-store experts on how buying the right kit can reduce your environmental impact.


What does sustainability mean to you?

Charlie: Sustainability is about protecting the earth. It’s something I’ve grown up with, whether it’s recycling or not wasting water – the smallest changes make a difference.

Mark: Sustainability is a key focus, and reducing the resources we use is essential. But that doesn’t mean not having the equipment that I need to spend time outside. It means buying the right kit, looking after it and making it last.

Why is investing in the right kit better for the environment?

Begonia: Investing in quality kit that’s right for your adventure is important because it will last longer, meaning it’s more sustainable. When you buy cheap, you buy 10 times.

Charlie: I encourage customers to buy the most sustainable option that’s fit for adventures and won’t fail. In all honesty, outdoor kit is expensive, so it’s important to learn how to look after it to make it last – then it doesn’t seem as expensive.

Mark: By encouraging people to purchase products which fulfil their needs, and ensuring that they understand how to look after them, we can help customers reduce their overall environmental impact.

How do you help customers make better and more sustainable choices?

Begonia: Helping customers make better choices is about giving them as much information as we can. It’s important that we stay up to date with how brands are becoming more sustainable and pass that knowledge on.

Mark: We’re highlighting more sustainable brands and products in-store and online through the Our Planet range – a range of products selected for their environmental credentials – so it’s easier for customers to make better, more sustainable choices. 

Expert tips for making more sustainable kit choices

Get the right kit

Quality kit is only worth having if it’s right for your activities, otherwise you’ll end up buying something else instead.

Buy quality

It’s better to invest in quality kit that will look after you in the most extreme conditions, year after year.

Make it last

You can extend the life of your kit by cleaning it regularly and using aftercare treatments.


Accidents happen, but with Cotswold Outdoor’s Repair & Care service, you can get your kit back to its best.


If your kit is beyond repair, take it to Cotswold Outdoor and they’ll recycle it for you to keep it out of landfill. 

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