Interviews and opinion

A young black woman, posing  and smiling in front of two tall hills

Walk and Talk with Rhianne Fatinikun

The founder of Black Girls Hike on creating a walking community for black women to explore the countryside – sometimes for the first time.

Portrait of Qunitin

Walk and Talk with Quintin Lake

The architectural and landscape photographer has recently completed a walk around Britain’s coastline, enduring ferocious onshore winds, dangerous tides and gaining a unique insight into our varied coastal landscapes and communities

A man standing on a stile, looking over a vista

Walk and Talk with Guy Shrubsole

The writer and environmental campaigner uncovered the secrets of land ownership in England in his recent book and is leading a campaign with author Nick Hayes to expand our right to roam.

A woman standing with a map, beside her backpack, with a mountain behind

Walk and Talk with Hazel Strachan

The record-breaking solo walker, wild camper, packrafter and Ramblers member has successfully summited Scotland’s 282 Munros (hills over 914m/ 3,000ft) an astonishing 10 times – and an eleventh attempt is well under way.

A man seated on a large stone, with arms up in the air

Walk and Talk with Michael Stewart

The writer and Ramblers member reveals the inspiration behind his unique Brontë Stones tribute to the literary sisters and explains why we must get more young people out on the moors.