Interviews and opinion

A man seated on a large stone, with arms up in the air

Walk and Talk with Michael Stewart

The writer and Ramblers member reveals the inspiration behind his unique Brontë Stones tribute to the literary sisters and explains why we must get more young people out on the moors.

Walk and Talk with Lucy Wallace

Lucy Wallace is the first woman president of Ramblers Scotland. A qualified mountain leader and wildlife guide, Lucy is passionate about inspiring more people to enjoy adventures on foot – no matter how close to home.

A man dressed warmly in the snow

Walk and Talk with Ash Dykes

Ash Dykes, 29, is the first person to walk 6,437km/4,000 miles along the length of China’s Yangtze River. He’s also walked across Madagascar’s mountainous interior and completed a solo crossing of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

A woman standing in front of a stream

Walk and Talk with Kate Jeffrey

The behavioural neuroscientist and Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation discusses how the brain has evolved to apprehend direction, space, positioning and route-planning – and why men and women’s navigational abilities can differ.

Man with folded arms leans on his walking stick and looks into the distance, outside.

Walk and Talk with Colin Speakman

The academic, writer and broadcaster on a strong incentive to keep walking and how the loss of biodiversity could be halted.