Interviews and opinion

Portrait of a man in a room with prints on the walls

Walk and Talk with Norman Ackroyd

Illustration of people walking together in the winter snow

Overcoming loneliness

We’re better connected than ever before. So why has loneliness become a public health crisis? And how can walking help?

A smiling woman in front of a town and the sea

Walk and Talk with Michaela Strachan

One of Britain’s best-loved wildlife presenters for over 25 years, Michaela now lives in South Africa but regularly returns to the UK

Walk & talk: Liz Bonnin

The science and wildlife presenter talks about conserving our wild places, the potential power of technology, and the transformative impact of great nature programmes

Walk & Talk: Dan Raven-Ellison

The urban explorer and ‘guerilla geographer’ is leading the campaign to make London a national park city