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Portrait of a man in a room with prints on the walls

Walk and Talk with Norman Ackroyd

Illustration of people walking together in the winter snow

Overcoming loneliness

We’re better connected than ever before. So why has loneliness become a public health crisis? And how can walking help?

A smiling woman in front of a town and the sea

Walk and Talk with Michaela Strachan

One of Britain’s best-loved wildlife presenters for over 25 years, Michaela now lives in South Africa but regularly returns to the UK

Walk & talk: Liz Bonnin

The science and wildlife presenter talks about conserving our wild places, the potential power of technology, and the transformative impact of great nature programmes

Walk & Talk: Dan Raven-Ellison

The urban explorer and ‘guerilla geographer’ is leading the campaign to make London a national park city

Walk & talk:Nick Brown

The founder of Nikwax and Páramo gives us the benefit of his 40 years of experience in the outdoor industry.

My Walk of Life with Beryl Vincent

A pioneering post-war traveller, Beryl looks back on the early years of group walking holidays.

Simon Barnett walking

My Walk of Life with Simon Barnett

The Ramblers director recently took some time off to walk all 214 Wainwright fells in just 15 days – covering 326 miles and over 35,000m of ascent.

Walk & talk: Mary-Ann Ochota

The broadcaster and anthropologist explores the ‘hidden history’ of Britain’s landscapes and reveals a love for spending nights out in the wild

My Walk of Life with Pasang Lhamu Sherpa

Nepal’s first female mountaineering instructor is an inspiring champion of gender equality

Gus Casely Hayford thumbnail

Walk & talk: Gus Casely-Hayford

The art historian and presenter of ‘Tate Britain’s Great British Walks’ discovers the landscapes that inspired some of the nation’s most famous paintings

Jamie Andrew

My walk of life with Jamie Andrew

Meet the incredible Scottish mountaineer who just so happens to be a quadruple amputee.

Tangled Threads - green gear

Tangled Threads

Unravelling the ethical and environmental impacts of outdoor clothing

Chris Packham Walk and Talk interview

Walk & Talk: Chris Packham

The TV presenter and naturalist reflects on his new memoir and talks about the need to protect Britain’s wildlife and evolving attitudes to conservation.

Lucy Shepherd

My Walk of Life: Lucy Shepherd

Lucy is a self-confessed ‘unlikely adventurer’, but underestimate her at your peril. She has explored the Arctic, the Andes, the Amazon and far-flung Patagonia – all by the age of 24.

Levison Wood

My Perfect Day: Levison Wood

The TV presenter, explorer and photojournalist has walked the Himalayas and the entire length of the Nile, but reveals that his perfect day begins much closer to home…

Lucy Worsley 2

My Perfect Day with Lucy Worsley

The historian, author, curator and television presenter discusses the joys of life on foot and reveals her links with local Ramblers...

Quintin Lake

My Walk of Life with Quintin Lake

Photographer Quintin Lake is walking 10,000km around the edge of Britain, capturing the ‘surprises, beauty and strangeness’ of our coastline.

Cerys Matthews

Walk and Talk with Cerys Matthews

The award-winning broadcaster, columnist and singer-songwriter discusses her love for walking and the Welsh landscape, living the good life and caring for our planet.

The Perimeter: Coastal Photo Gallery

The Perimeter is a photography project by Quintin Lake based on walking 10,000km around the coast of Britain.

Ursula Martin

My walk of life with Ursula Martin

When Ursula Martin was diagnosed with cancer, she set herself a mind-blowing challenge.

Stuart Maconie

Walk and Talk with Stuart Maconie

The broadcaster and writer talks Wainwrights and about his outspoken advocacy of the great outdoors.

Bonita Norris

My Perfect Day with Bonita Norris

Climber and adventurer Bonita Norris on her passion for mountains and being on top of Everest.

Trevor Thomas

My Walk of Life with Trevor Thomas

Steve Backshall

My Perfect Day with Steve Backshall

The naturalist and face of Deadly 60 is keen to encourage kids to get outdoors and explore the UK's wonderful wildlife.

Alastair Humphreys

Walk and Talk with Alastair Humphreys

We talk to former National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Alastair Humphreys, about accessible adventures, epic walks and the importance of right to roam.

Jimmy Doherty

My perfect day: Jimmy Doherty

The nation’s favourite farmer – and Jamie Oliver’s best mate – Jimmy Doherty runs his Suffolk farm with families and the value of good food in mind

Ali Pretty

My walk of life with Ali Pretty

Ali Pretty is a walking artist, who combines creative and outdoor activities to bring communities together and inspire people to lead happier, healthier lives.

Dixe Wills

Walk and Talk with Dixe Wills

The walker, green traveller and writer talks to walk about his new book, At Night: A Journey Round Britain from Dusk to Dawn, which documents a series of personal night-time journeys made through Britain – from stargazing in the Galloway Forest to following in Dickens’ footsteps in London

Ray Mears

My perfect day: Ray Mears

A world authority on survival and outdoor living, Ray Mears is a renowned author and TV presenter as well as the founder of the Woodlore bushcraft school.

Patrick Barkham

Walk and talk: Patrick Barkham

The acclaimed natural history writer discusses the challenges of coastal access and conservation, as his new book Coastlines tells ‘the story of our shore’.

Mark Clarke High Point

My walk of life with Mark Clarke

Over a period of four years, Mark Clarke visited the highest points in each of Britain’s 85 historic counties, walking nearly 500 miles and climbing over 100,000 feet.

Robert MacFarlane

Walk and talk with Robert Macfarlane

The award-winning travel writer talks about the importance of mapping our lost ways, the magic of wild swimming, and his encounter with a zawn.

Give peace a chance

My walk of life with Grattan Lynch

Give peace a chance: Grattan Lynch is on a one-man mission to promote peace across Europe through the power of walking.

Clive Hutchby

Why Wainwright still matters

Wainwright expert Clive Hutchby is revising the renowned fell walker’s series of Lakeland guidebooks. He explains why Wainwright’s books remain indispensable, but also why they need an update.

Julia Bradbury

My perfect day: Julia Bradbury

Never lost

Artist interview with Paul Bennett

Tony Juniper

Walk and Talk with Tony Juniper

Homan Yousofi

Homan Yousofi: My mountain muse

Jars of muesli on the beach

Rose petal muesli for a pre-walk energy boost

Raw food writer Ally Mac shares her pre-walk, energy-boosting breakfast recipe...

Raw food writer Ally Mac out walking

Born to eat wild

Having moved to Devon when she met her husband, raw food writer Ally Mac talks about autumn foods, wild favourites, and what to eat to keep your energy up on those winter rambles...

Clare Balding

Walk and talk with Clare Balding

Before she became the face of our biggest televised sporting events, Clare Balding was best known to walkers as the presenter of Radio 4’s cult programme, Ramblings. She talks to Walk about the enduring appeal of the show, her most memorable encounters, and how it’s given her and her family the walking bug...

Andrew Motion in his garden

My perfect day: Andrew Motion

The president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England and former poet laureate tells Walk how the countryside inspires his poetry and what Wordsworth would have made of wind farms...

Jonathan Wragg reading Walk magazine

My walk out of depression

Having been advised by his doctor to take up walking, Jonathan Wragg is now a fully fledged Rambler. We chatted to him to find out why…

Krankenhaus Edition 1

Artist interview: Gina Soden

Climbing through the floorboards, abandoned islands and Jack the Ripper… artist and photographer Gina Soden talks about the beauty she finds in decay...

Singer Bella Hardy

My walk of life: singer-songwriter Bella Hardy

Singer-songwriter Bella Hardy describes how a childhood spent playing in the Peak District has inspired her award-winning career in folk music


Inspired by nature: artist interview with Jonny Briggs

He has won multiple awards for his intricate artwork - a fusion of photography, sculpture and painting which is so detailed it is often mistaken for a Photoshop masterpiece. With work in the Saatchi Collection and exhibitions across the world, Walk caught up with artist Jonny Briggs to discover how walking, foraging, and the great outdoors has inspired him.

Claire Lomas skiing

The power of walking: Claire Lomas

Following a horse riding accident in 2011 which left her paralysed from the chest down, Claire Lomas has become the first person to walk the London Marathon in a bionic suit, cycled around the UK, and learned to ski. Walk caught up with her to talk challenges, adventure, and the perfect day out.

David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough's perfect day

Legendary naturalist and broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough, talks to Walk about conservation, being showered with honours, and why he loves Richmond.

Christine Maher

My Walk of Life: I fell hard for walking

Artist and Cheshire Rambler Christine Maher refused to let a terrifying accident put her off walking. In fact, it spurred her on to conquer ever more challenging terrain.

George Monbiot

Walk and Talk with George Monbiot

With the publication of his book, Feral, last year, environmental journalist George Monbiot emerged as one of the strongest voices in favour of rewilding Britain’s landscapes. We walked with him in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains to find out why he calls the area a desert, and why he thinks Britain should once again be the domain of wolves, bears and bison.

Ian Rigby

My Walk of Life: Walking helped me beat cancer

After being diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer, retired headteacher Ian Rigby turned to walking to help him with his recovery. Now he leads walks and tells everyone how it saved his life. Kerry Harden meets him.

Walk in the woods

Top 10 tips for lobbying your local MP

With the general election just over a year away, we're ramping up our campaign on Westminster, taking more MPs out on walks and launching a manifesto to ensure the concerns of walkers are in the minds of any future Government. But we need your help, so we've come up with ten top tips for lobbying your local MP.

John Griffiths

Walk and Talk with John Griffiths

The Welsh Government has big ambitions for its great outdoors and is reviewing legislation around footpaths and public access. It has already hinted that change is on the way, using words like ‘outdated’, ‘disjointed’ and ‘burdensome’ to describe the existing system. To find out more, Walk's Julian Rollins met the man overseeing the review, John Griffiths, Wales’ Minister for Culture and Sport.

Charlie Carroll

My Walk of Life: Charlie Carroll

After losing his job as a teacher, Charlie Carroll made a penniless journey on foot from his home in a Cornish village to London, sleeping rough along the way. The experience changed his life and his appreciation of walking.

Hugo Blomfield

Opinion: Paths are at their worst for 20 years

Hugo Blomfield, author of a new Ramblers report, urges us to fight back against councils refusing to face up to the backlog of rights of way problems and who are still cutting budgets .

Tim Knowles

Walk and Talk with Tim Knowles

Currently exhibiting in the nationally touring show Walk On, the mixed-media artist is fascinated by recording movement on film and paper, and the central role chance plays in much of his work. He talks to walk about following the wind on foot around central London, night walks in Devon and hunting for explosives in Afghanistan...

Dr Andrew Murray

My Perfect Day

Ultra-marathon runner, TV presenter and newly elected president of Ramblers Scotland, Dr Andrew Murray tells Susan Grey about his favourite walk, expedition surgery and London 2012’s failed legacy...


More than the eyes can see

Herefordshire Ramblers’ Marika Kovacs has been blind since childhood, but that hasn’t stopped her from leading her first group walk recently, and now she’s planning more…

John Trevelyan

Walk and Talk with John Trevelyan

It’s 30 years since the Ramblers first published Rights of Way: A Guide to Law and Practice – aka ‘the Blue Book’ – but it’s still the go-to text for lawyers, council officers and volunteers trying to settle footpath disputes. Andrew McCloy talks to John Trevelyan, the book’s co-author, about its humble beginnings, the secret of its continued success, and his lifelong involvement with the Ramblers…

KD Grace

My Walk of Life

Erotic novelist KD Grace has always found inspiration for her stories while out walking. As Julia Buckley discovers, walking with Guildford Ramblers has given her fresh ideas…

Hector Macleod

My Walk of Life

Film producer Hector Macleod describes his extraordinary challenge to clock up more than 3,000 miles in a year walking to his London office...

Ash dieback

We need everybody to help save the ash

As ash dieback threatens to devastate Britain’s landscape, Dr Simon Pryor, the National Trust’s director of natural environment, explains how walkers can help combat this virulent disease...

Ed Byrne

My Perfect Day

Comedian and TV panel show regular Ed Byrne tells walk about his love of Munro bagging, and explains why the great outdoors is not so great for observational humour...

Sara Maitland

Walk and talk with Sara Maitland

Author Sara Maitland won the Somerset Maugham Award in 1978 for her first novel, Daughter of Jerusalem, and found more recent fame with 2008’s A Book of Silence. Susan Gray talks to her about her new book exploring Britain’s forests, and asks how nature connects us all to the magical and divine...

Nicola Radcliff

I walked away from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Caught up in the 7th July attacks on London in 2005, Nicola Ratcliff was left traumatised, but walking with a local Ramblers group transformed her life...