Outdoor interests

Illustration of people enjoying access to lands, past a fence

Something to CRoW about

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 enshrined the right of walkers to roam freely across mapped areas of open country – a significant victory for the Ramblers. How has it changed access in England and Wales in the last 20 years?

A woman outdoors, wearing a blue waterproof jacket, with the hood up

Gear on test: Rainy day wear

A waterproof jacket is essential for safe and enjoyable walking all year round. Jackets come in a range of different fabrics and features, designed to deal with the full spectrum of weather conditions. Here’s our guide to picking the right combination to suit you.

Stars visible in the sky, above a city, at night time

The sky at night

With longer nights and crisp, clear air, winter can be a great time to discover the astronomical wonders of our night skies – as long as you wrap up warm and follow our experts’ advice.

Gear reviews

Ultralight kit

Jen and Sim Benson review the best ultralight kit options.

A girl walking along a path, wearing a coat and backpack

Gear on test: Kit for kids

Jen and Sim Benson reveal the latest gear to help make walks with children and grandchildren of all ages a success, whatever the weather.