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Sunset by a balancing rock

Set in stone

Discover millions of years of geological history that has shaped some of Britain’s most spectacular scenery and created a wealth of natural wonders to be enjoyed on these 10 walks through time.


Gear on test: Packs & poles

Whether it’s a trusty daypack for shorter walks or a fully featured multi-day model, the right rucksack should be a joy to use, say Jen and Sim Benson. Topped off with a pair of walking poles for extra stability, day or long-distance hikes will be a breeze.

Castle next to the shore

The coast is clear

The 4,345km/2,700-mile England Coast Path will be the world’s longest continuous path. With more than half its length now open or approved, we caught up with the Ramblers volunteers working to establish the official route and explored some of its spectacular sections.

One person swimming in a calm lake

Taking the plunge

Wild swimming has become increasingly popular in recent years. Our expert shares his top tips for combining a warm summer walk with a cool dip in a natural setting.

Woman wearing a light top and wide brimmed hat

Gear on test: Summer walking kit

Whether it’s biting insects or sunburn, summer can present walkers with a number of challenges. Jen and Sim Benson test the best kit to keep you safe.