Outdoor interests

Wild food

Follow our experts’ guides to sourcing a range of edible delicacies found growing wild among the hedgerows, woodlands, countryside and coasts this Autumn.

Gear reviews

Ultralight kit

Jen and Sim Benson review the best ultralight kit options.

A girl walking along a path, wearing a coat and backpack

Gear on test: Kit for kids

Jen and Sim Benson reveal the latest gear to help make walks with children and grandchildren of all ages a success, whatever the weather.

Walk to the future

The global pandemic has underlined the importance of walking and accessing nature, raising some big questions – and unique opportunities. Mark Rowe considers the implications.

Gear reviews

Boots made for walking

Time to upgrade your footwear? Our experts Jen and Sim Benson sample the best ‘all-purpose’ walking boots and accessories to make them last