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Sunset by a balancing rock

Set in stone

Discover millions of years of geological history that has shaped some of Britain’s most spectacular scenery and created a wealth of natural wonders to be enjoyed on these 10 walks through time.


Gear on test: Packs & poles

Whether it’s a trusty daypack for shorter walks or a fully featured multi-day model, the right rucksack should be a joy to use, say Jen and Sim Benson. Topped off with a pair of walking poles for extra stability, day or long-distance hikes will be a breeze.

One person swimming in a calm lake

Taking the plunge

Wild swimming has become increasingly popular in recent years. Our expert shares his top tips for combining a warm summer walk with a cool dip in a natural setting.

Woman wearing a light top and wide brimmed hat

Gear on test: Summer walking kit

Whether it’s biting insects or sunburn, summer can present walkers with a number of challenges. Jen and Sim Benson test the best kit to keep you safe.

Castle next to the shore

The coast is clear

The 4,345km/2,700-mile England Coast Path will be the world’s longest continuous path. With more than half its length now open or approved, we caught up with the Ramblers volunteers working to establish the official route and explored some of its spectacular sections.

Tablet showing a landscape and text "Top virtual walking tours"

Top virtual walking tours

While travel has come to a near standstill during the coronavirus pandemic, technology is allowing us to visit almost any place on the planet in the blink of an eye.

A man standing by the coast, wearing a T shirt

Gear on test: Natural fabric walking kit

Outdoor gear makers are increasingly harnessing the high-performance, low-impact properties of natural fibres in their products. Jen and Sim Benson put a handpicked selection to the test.

A man stands upon a bridge over a stream, surrounded by plants

A walk in the woods

The practice of forest bathing or ‘shinrin-yoku’ has the power to reconnect us with nature, relieve stress and improve our health. Read our experts’ guide to find out how to get involved.

Illustration of people enjoying access to lands, past a fence

Something to CRoW about

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 enshrined the right of walkers to roam freely across mapped areas of open country – a significant victory for the Ramblers. How has it changed access in England and Wales in the last 20 years?

A woman outdoors, wearing a blue waterproof jacket, with the hood up

Gear on test: Rainy day wear

A waterproof jacket is essential for safe and enjoyable walking all year round. Jackets come in a range of different fabrics and features, designed to deal with the full spectrum of weather conditions. Here’s our guide to picking the right combination to suit you.

Stars visible in the sky, above a city, at night time

The sky at night

With longer nights and crisp, clear air, winter can be a great time to discover the astronomical wonders of our night skies – as long as you wrap up warm and follow our experts’ advice.

Gear reviews

Ultralight kit

Jen and Sim Benson review the best ultralight kit options.

A girl walking along a path, wearing a coat and backpack

Gear on test: Kit for kids

Jen and Sim Benson reveal the latest gear to help make walks with children and grandchildren of all ages a success, whatever the weather.

Wild food

Follow our experts’ guides to sourcing a range of edible delicacies found growing wild among the hedgerows, woodlands, countryside and coasts this Autumn.

Walk to the future

The global pandemic has underlined the importance of walking and accessing nature, raising some big questions – and unique opportunities. Mark Rowe considers the implications.

Boots made for walking

Time to upgrade your footwear? Our experts Jen and Sim Benson sample the best ‘all-purpose’ walking boots and accessories to make them last

A group of people laying boards to create a new path

A picture of our paths

Making journeys on foot improves our physical and mental wellbeing and brings a multitude of benefits to society and the environment, so it’s vital that we
preserve and protect footpaths. Across Britain, we’re addressing the challenges facing our path network – and asking you to get involved.

A dirt path between dense trees

Join the hunt for lost paths

Finding forgotten paths just got much easier, thanks to the introduction of the Ramblers’ new online tool. Discover why we should all be playing ‘spot the difference’ this spring.

Gear reviews

Kit with a conscience

Our experts Jen and Sim Benson seek out the best outdoor gear with outstanding ethical credentials.

A man standing in a padded red coat, looking out over a view

Insulated jackets and gloves

Our experts Jen and Sim Benson seek out the best outdoor gear with outstanding ethical credentials.

A single person walking outdoors

Masterclass: solo walking

A man and boy wading in a stream, looking into a net

Masterclass: Walking with kids

Walking is a wonderful way to spend family time and get youngsters away from screens and out into the open. Follow our expert advice and parents’ tips to instil a love of walking in the next generation

Everyday Heroes: 2018 Volunteer Awards

To celebrate Volunteers’ Week, we highlight the achievements of our 2018 award winners and find out what inspires them to give their time to the Ramblers

Baselayers and midlayers

We've tested a wide range of the top baselayers and midlayers on the market. Which will come out on top?

Baselayers and midlayers

We've tested a wide range of the top baselayers and midlayers on the market. Which will come out on top?

Going Underground: Ramblers and National Grid

How the Ramblers is working with National Grid to help conserve and enhance the natural beauty of our most precious landscapes

The Big Walk: winter adventure in the Cairngorms

A Cairngorms winter offers some of the most challenging walking to be found in the UK. Why not test yourself on a guided adventure – and for the ultimate experience, spend a sub-zero night in a snow cave…

Forgive us our trespassers

How the Charter of the Forest marked the start of the chequered 800-year history of countryside access in Britain.

My Walk of Life with Beryl Vincent

A pioneering post-war traveller, Beryl looks back on the early years of group walking holidays.

Simon Barnett walking

My Walk of Life with Simon Barnett

The Ramblers director recently took some time off to walk all 214 Wainwright fells in just 15 days – covering 326 miles and over 35,000m of ascent.

Cambrian Way

The Big Walk: Cambrian Way

Explore the wildest depths of Wales on the Cambrian Way, a demanding trail that’s currently on the cusp of a renaissance.

Couple walking outdoors

Tough trousers

We’ve tested eight pairs of the toughest trekking trousers on the market for men and women. Which will come out on top?

farm illustration by stephen collins

Walking towards Brexit

Bolstering the link between agricultural subsidies and public access could be a catalyst to new opportunities for both walkers and farmers.

Visit Tirol

Innsbruck’s high life

The opportunities for outdoor adventure in Innsbruck and its 25 holiday villages are boundless – from Natters and its beautiful lake to Igls with its Olympic bobsleigh run.

Jamie Andrew

My walk of life with Jamie Andrew

Meet the incredible Scottish mountaineer who just so happens to be a quadruple amputee.

Urban walking

Talk of the Town

A new vision for greener, accessible, walker-friendly towns and cities could revolutionise urban life.

Walking nutrition thumbnail

Walking nutrition explained (with recipes)

Practical advice to help you ‘eat for your feet’ and get the most from your walking.

Winter gear essentials homepage banner

Winter walking gear essentials

Want to head out into the white stuff this winter? Kit yourself out with our guide to the best winter gear for walkers

Winter walking skills

Winter walking skills masterclass

Conditions in winter can vary enormously. Here's what to wear, carry and know when heading out this season.

Tangled Threads - green gear

Tangled Threads

Unravelling the ethical and environmental impacts of outdoor clothing

The Perimeter: Coastal Photo Gallery

The Perimeter is a photography project by Quintin Lake based on walking 10,000km around the coast of Britain.

Don't lose your way graphic

Don’t lose your way

Ramblers across Britain are working to restore the record, ensuring that historic paths are recorded to stop them from being lost forever.

Illustration by Kerry Hyndman

Step Change

Upcoming elections in Scotland, Wales and London in May 2016 are a chance to reshape the political landscape with walkers in mind

Green Britain illustration by Andy Council

Walking Towards an Active Britain

The government wants to get more people doing sport. But what underpins a sporting nation is a culture of physical activity, with walking and green spaces at its heart, says the Ramblers.

East Flood by Kath AustenTee

Field guide: Ebb and Flow – The Swale Estuary, Kent

Kent’s Swale estuary is a nationally important site for wildfowl and waders. In winter, thousands of birds flock to this unique habitat in search of food exposed by the receding tide.

Toughest waterproof jackets

Winter waterproofs

We’ve tested twelve of the toughest four-season waterproof jackets on the market for men and women, just in time for the winter walking season. Which will come out on top?

Lynx by Tom Bech

Where the wild things are: rewilding Britain

Should Britain be wilder? That’s the question at the heart of the rewilding debate. We examine its potential impact on Britain’s countryside and the walkers who enjoy it.

Isle of Man

Isle of man: Discover a new walk of life

Whitby & Co image

ADVERTORIAL Winter Best Buys

ADVERTORIAL: Everything you need for winter walking...

Krankenhaus Edition 1

Artist interview: Gina Soden

Climbing through the floorboards, abandoned islands and Jack the Ripper… artist and photographer Gina Soden talks about the beauty she finds in decay...

Raw food writer Ally Mac out walking

Born to eat wild

Having moved to Devon when she met her husband, raw food writer Ally Mac talks about autumn foods, wild favourites, and what to eat to keep your energy up on those winter rambles...

Ramblers ice cream bus outside Westminster

Campaign: countryside and rights of way

It's 10 years since the first area of open access land was created in the Peak District, following decades of hard work by the Ramblers battle to get the landmark Countryside and Rights of Way (CRoW) Act passed. But our mission to open up more of our beautiful landscapes for everyone to enjoy goes on. We take a look at how the mission continues…

Andrew Motion in his garden

My perfect day: Andrew Motion

The president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England and former poet laureate tells Walk how the countryside inspires his poetry and what Wordsworth would have made of wind farms...

Jars of muesli on the beach

Rose petal muesli for a pre-walk energy boost

Raw food writer Ally Mac shares her pre-walk, energy-boosting breakfast recipe...

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays

ADVERTORIAL: Choose the path less taken

The world is vast. The opportunities are boundless. Your holiday time is precious. Let us guide you safely off the beaten track, to the path less taken…

summit and hikers on The Cobbler, Ben Arthur

A guide to scrambling

Scrambling takes walkers away from the path well trod and into the adventurous realm of the climber. It’s literally a hands-on approach to scaling a peak. We’ve rounded up a range of the very best scrambles from around Britain, with something for even the most faint-hearted of hikers to enjoy

Inspired by nature: artist interview with Jonny Briggs

He has won multiple awards for his intricate artwork - a fusion of photography, sculpture and painting which is so detailed it is often mistaken for a Photoshop masterpiece. With work in the Saatchi Collection and exhibitions across the world, Walk caught up with artist Jonny Briggs to discover how walking, foraging, and the great outdoors has inspired him.

WW1 trench

Walk through the front line of WWI

A century after ‘the war to end all wars’ began, Walk makes a moving trip to the Flanders battlefields, discovering how walking dominated the life of a front-line soldier, helped the wounded cope with the traumas of battle – and how it can help keep memories of World War I alive.

Man hiking in the Himalayas

The world's more beautiful on foot with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays

Explore a stunning collection of walking holidays, stretching to all corners of the globe.


20 Reasons Walking Can Change Your Life and the World

Walking Works, a new report from the Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support, is persuading key decision-makers of the wonders of walking and its benefits to health, the economy and the environment. We take a look at some of its astonishing findings and how walking can change your life and the world around you.

Young upstarts

Young upstarts

From after-school walking clubs to family-friendly ‘Toddle Waddles’, Ramblers Cymru is trialling an array of new initiatives to try to get more young people in Wales out walking. We meet some of the people involved and find out why changes to the Welsh Government could herald a golden era for outdoor youth activities…

A decade of freedom

A decade of freedom

Ten years ago, a fledgling Scottish Parliament passed landmark legislation, giving walkers a right to roam virtually everywhere in Scotland. In this special feature, we uncover the extraordinary campaign that led to the law’s creation, assess whether it’s actually working in practice, and ask what Scotland needs to do to ensure it remains one of the best places to walk in the world…

Confronting the cuts

Confronting the cuts

With drastic cuts to local-authority budgets, the impact on footpaths is beginning to bite. Andrew McCloy investigate the plight of walkers in Norfolk and West Riding, and meet Ramblers volunteers helping to ease things...

Ethical gear

Ethical gear

The gear industry depends on the beautiful outdoors to keep us spending. But what is it doing to protect our natural environment, and how can we as walkers ensure that what we’re buying is ethical? John Manning explores what’s available and provides some top tips for being eco-friendly with your kit...

Love on the trail

Love on the trail

Julia Buckley discovers how walking with a group can be such an enjoyable way to make friends and find love...

Nicola Radcliff

I walked away from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Caught up in the 7th July attacks on London in 2005, Nicola Ratcliff was left traumatised, but walking with a local Ramblers group transformed her life...