Karrimor womens Urban Weathertite

Karrimor Urban Weathertite jacket

Walk rating

26 August 2015

Price: £23

Weight: 570g

+ An amazing price! Generous hand pockets, big enough for maps. Generous sizing gives plenty of room for layering if required.


- The arms are surprisingly short. The hood is neither peaked nor wired, so the rain just drips or drives into your face and then goes down your neck. It isn’t very breathable either – prepare to get warm on a brisk stroll.


VERDICT: This is still a functional jacket at a remarkable price. As an ‘Urban’ jacket it is better suited to walking around town rather than heading to the hills for a full-on assault from the British weather. The quality of the hood also lets it down and the short arms leave wrists exposed, cold and wet, which isn’t nice.