The Walker's Handbook

The Walkers Handbook

26 August 2015

Author: Hugh Westacott

Publisher: Footpath Publications

ISBN number: 978 0950369686

This hefty tome certainly has everything you need to know about walking in the British Isles. I’d have liked a bit more on the delights of walking, although admittedly the author’s concern has been to stick to ’facts and hard information’, and early on there is a brief chapter headed ’the pleasures of walking’. The book contains a thoughtful chapter about ‘behaviour in the countryside’, interesting material about kit, useful stuff about navigation, a good chapter on weather and emergencies and helpful stuff on walking in both Scotland and Ireland. Rights-of-way law, letterboxing and peak-bagging all get a look in, and an orderly contents and comprehensive index help you find it all. Eugene Suggett